wbt terminals?

Anybody know if the plastic shrouds around these things can be removed?I find them limiting and would love take them off without have to forcebly remove.
Why not just upgrade to the all metal WBT terminal?
I HATE them too. On an amp, you can probably replace them for something you like better. On a speaker, it could be more challenging. Here is what WBT told me:

The plastic material (MakrolonT) reacts with alcohol based products. For example, some aerosol flux removers are alcohol based for rapid evaporation. Genesolv made by Techspray is one product that works well. Spraying this product on the plastic material creates small hairline fractures in the plastic. You can then "peel" the plastic away like an eggshell on a hard boiled egg. However, use it at your own risk. WBT does not condone the use of this method as the plastic is intended for a purpose. WBT produces binding posts without plastic for Non EU customers.
The plastic is a European requirement for electrical products, and serves no real useful function that I can see, other than compiance with regulations in Europe.