WBT RCA Connectors

Any thoughts on terminating phono cables with the WBT "crimp" connectors? I want to change my current connectors but I don't solder. Thanks for your help.
As far as I know WBT discontinued their 'crimp'/cold solder RCA plug - which was a real shame imo. However if you have some then they are supposed to be excellent. If not I would recommend sending the cables to one of the various companies who do reterminations.
WBT connectors are, in my view, very well made and one of the best connectors you can get. By the way, WBT recommend crimping over soldering as they feel it provides a superior connection. The only reason why the new NexGen connectors do not use crimping is because they have so little metal that they are not strong enough to crimp.
their crimp style are still available.