WBT Power Bridges or Dayton Jumpers?

Doh! I just realized after months of testing that neither of my 2 pairs of Monitor Audio speakers that I bought here on Audiogon has their brass jumper bridges between their two sets of binding posts. Imagine the embarrasment/surprise finding out all this time I have been neglecting the bottom mid-woofer of my S10's. Better late than never, though, I suppose. The guy who I bought them from didn't have them bi-wired either...

So now, I'm faced with the task of trying to find suitable speaker jumpers. Just so you know, I've already bought 2 pairs of WBT 0725Cu's for $17 each, way too much for little pieces of copper in my opinion. This thread is about better options.

I tried looking for the original brass strips; no luck. I've read that pure copper does better than the stock brass ones, only to discover they were advertising these flimsy copper strips for $500 each!! True audiophile gear, I'd say (sarcasm...) Then I came about 1"-2" jumper cables from various cable companies like Cardas... $100+! Finally, there are these little gadgets like the ones listed in the title, and another by Cardas for about $15. I can't help but wonder if these things would fit binding posts of all different sizes, but I'll find out in 2 days when it ships.

Do you guys have any hints?

You can make good jumpers from speaker cables you already have and they'll be tonally matched. If you have the spare length and it wouldn't cause a catastrophic cosmetic nightmare of a surgery that is. Regardless, that brass plate will not satisfy however you look at it--good thing you don't have them installed.

Good luck,

If your cables are "finished" products, i.e. you can't really chop off the end and fashion it into a jumper cable - go to a retailer that sells Kimber or Audioquest cable in bulk spools and get some nice solid copper wire, 1 ft. or less should do, and make your own pos and neg jumpers out of that. Another hint, try hooking the incoming speaker wire to the treble lead and jumping to the mid/woofer. I find that gives better high end than the other way around. Good luck.
Jumpers are not the answer. If you want the speakers to sound how they were engineered to sound, you must bi-wire them. ..that means - to do it properly, you need separate cables for the top half, and for the bottom half. If money is an issue, and in fact if you can afford the most expensive cables, go to "Anti-Cables" website, and for nearly no cost, get a real bi-wire setup.
Just bought a pr of Celestion 100's that were missing a jumper. The jumpers are essentially a big thin brass staple. Couldn't find anything like it so I made my own from Romax wire. Took out the copper ground from the Romax and cut it like a small staple. Took all of a minute to do...haven't tried it yet so don't know how it will work...I guess a small piece of speaker wire does the same thing.
Nice Nakamichi spade and bananas are available on ebay cheap (really cheap if you search). Also found shrink tubing super cheap, stocked up on both and have made some cables that don't look home cobbled. Made jumpers with spades on one end and bananas on the other as I use bananas on my cables. You can choose all sorts of cable, google to see what people are doing.