wbt nextgen spade, rig or sound idea

im currently using analysis plus cables with banana's , my new amp won't accept. i picked up a set of wbt spades used only to find out i need a crimping sleeve and tool, i have niether , and am a bit impatient, question, how sound of an idea would it be to flatten and trim the existing banana stick it in there and tighten the two torx screws against it. i know it sounds like a rig job, but cant really see how it would be less of a connection than the crimp sleeve?
It would certainly work, but it would be less of a connection. When the crimp sleeve is properly installed it creates what is referred to as a cold weld. This basically creates a molecular bond between the conductor and the crimp sleeve. Once you tighten the Torx screws they are essentially making contact directly to the cables conductor due to the cold weld. There is no cold weld with the current bananas being inserted into the spade body. Now, will you hear a difference? Possibly, but not likely.
You'll probably compromise the resale value of the cables/spades.