wbt low mass RCA upgrade

I just wanted to share a relatively cheap upgrade for fellow analog lovers. I recently replaced the cheap brass rca connectors on my Rega p5 to WBT low mass nexgens and was amazed at how much more information was now coming through. Because of the low output of the analog signal it is a perfect use for low mass connectors and really makes a positive improvement that is not just different sounding but BETTER sounding. I think that any low mass high purity rca connector would work for this application, and am amazed more turntable manufacturers have not caught on to this. Give it a try, you wont be dissapointed.
I did the same thing , I replaced the female RCA connectors on my VPI junction box with low mass Furutech FT-903 rhodium connectors.
I'm not sure what they use at VPI , must be brass because they weigh at
least 3 times more compared to the Furutech connectors.
As for the sound , they're more resolving than the originals. I also found that the distortion levels have dropped considerable. All in all, I'm much happier with the sound now. A definite upgrade in my system!
Yes Slates, Its one of those rare events where it is better sounding, not just different sounding. Anyone with a good table should do this, its an upgrade not a tweak.
Agree. And further makes the point that, if at all possible, ELIMINATION of the RCA' s (hardwiring) can be a major upgrade. The gains from which can offset any downsides to using less than premium cable if one doesn't want to destroy our existing cabling or just want to experiment at little cost.