WBT connector upgrade

I�m about to order a 4m length of Kimber Hero interconnects with RCA connectors. The standard connector on the Hero is the WBT-0144, but you can upgrade to the WBT-0108 for about $70. Need some input as to whether the upgrade is worth the extra money. The interconnects will be used between an Audio Research SP-9 and Classic 60 driving Vandersteen 3A Signatures. Thanks!
If it is well the WBT- 0108 (and not 0101) the deal is good.
(money speaking)Much more natural sounding,no solder colouring your sound(the 0108 is crimp version)real deep bass...but also very, very, transparent....not sure is the best in your case.
Definitely, I've had both on KCAG and KCTG, I noticed improvements dynamically, but even more in the midrange, more realistic.
Just my humble opinion, I never liked WBT connectors. I much prefer the Cardas line of connectors.
I'm with you Timo, but would take a much stronger position.....