WBT binding posts on 803's w/bananas?

Has anyone used banana's on the B&W 803's? I currently have mine going through the angled holes instead of straight into the end.

I e-mailed B&W, and I will do it again, but was hoping for some wisdom from those who have done it. B&W replied that I could plug the cables straight into the end after removing the plastic plugs, I am having no success.

Below was their suggestions, I have tried using a screw, they are not budging!

"The WBT binding posts on the N803 do allow banana plug connections, in order to do this the small plastic plugs in the center of each post should be removed. The easiest way to do this would be to use something like an icepick to pry the plugs out, or a small screw to thread into the plastic and pull them straight out. The other alternative would be to unscrew the posts and try to push them out from behind. Once these plugs are out, you should have no problem using banana plugs with your speakers."

I should also note, I have no idea how to unscrew the posts to try and pry them out, they only unscrew so far and stop.

Oh how I wish this hobby would adopt some standards, like either RCA or XLR and Spades or Banana, not both!!

Thanks in advance,
Hi Brian, I have not seen the WBT posts on the 803's, but I have the WBT topline type on my 802's. In England they have to put nylon plugs in the "straight in" bananna holes due to electrical safety codes protecting small children. What they are saying is to take a treaded screw and penetrate the nylon plug "just enough" to get it to grip the nylon plug so you can pull the plug out. Think of it as opening a fine bottle of wine. You want the cork screw to go in only enough to pull the cork, not dump bits of cork in your wine or break the neck of the bottle. Tom
Trich727, thanks for the reply. As I mentioned above, I have tried the screw with no success, but maybe I am screwing it in to far as you suggest, I will try again.
You could try emailing or calling Rich at WBT. He is very helpful and would know how you could do that. support@wbtusa.com should do the trick.
Thanks Krell, I will do just that!
I had both the 804, and 803 using banana on the 804 the best way I found to removed the damn screw is using a tack work everytime for me.
Goone, a little more detail please? Removed what screw?
I am sorry I mean plastic plug, is that your current problem right now?
Yes, there is a plastic plug in the end and I have been told it comes out, but I am not having success. We have tried using a small screw and tapping into the plug and pulling, but this hasn't worked either.

How did you do it with the tack? I am beginning to wonder if someone glued them for a sick joke!
I even had a problem using the provided jumpers (temporarily) along with substantial spades. Pretty picture in the documentation, but it didn't look so pretty when I was finished. It's nice that the EC are so protective of their younger population and I have to admit that I've had kids mess with the speaker connections before now. But is any amplified/speaker cable combo capable of pushing enough juice into a kid to do any damage ? Most kids know to take a fork, or whatever, and jam it into a live power socket. Once. Hopefully.
The plugs are a real pain. I thought I was going to pull the binding posts out of my 804's trying to pry them out with an ice pick (my dealer had suggested a dentist's teeth cleaning tool).

I ended up drilling a small hole in the middle of the plug(probably 1/16" though I don't recall exactly but in any event, not very deep) as a pilot for a small screw to give me something to grip with a pair of pliers.

Take it easy though. While that helped, it still seemed like I was on verge of pulling the posts out of the cabinet.
By the way, did you get any useful advice from WBT?
Thanks to all! We have finnaly gotten them all out. The hardest part is that I am not physically able to do this myself and was relying on my wife, who is less than thrilled than working on these, but was very gracious. By chance, the one we started with seemed to be the hardest of all. We moved on to another and we removed it rather quickly, after that we "knew" what we were doing. As suggested, we used a small screw to remove them, except the original stubborn one, that one we pryed out, as also suggested.

Wstritt, I have not heard back from WBT yet.