Wayne Shorter Quartet Live WOW

Mortage the dog, sell the wife, pawn the Rolex, beg for change, or whatever you have to do, but don't miss the current tour of The Wayne Shorter Quartet if they come anywhere near you.

Wayne is one of the all time jazz masters, playing at various times with the giants of jazz: Horace Silver, Maynard Ferguson, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock. He was one of the founding members of Weather Report, with Joe Zawinul. This year he is 70 years old, and has three much younger guys with him on tour.

Brian Blade: Drums
John Pattituci: Acoustic bass, sometimes played like a cello
Danilo Perez: Piano

Saw them last Friday night at the Boulder Theater, an incredible venue for live music (home of the E-Town radio broadcasts). This is music and jazz at a whole other level, these guys are making magic.
I heard them at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston and was also amazed. What an incredible level of interplay.
Where they're right now??
They are scheduled at the Montreal Jazz Festival on Thu. 6/26. According to the Festival website that show is sold out. Here is a link to the Festival website: http://www.montrealjazzfest.com/fijm2003/images/splash/intro.asp?flashPlugin=oui

Not sure where they are after that, there is probably a website listing somewhere with their schedule info.
I'd expect him in Newark at PAC shortly I guess. Thanks for the insight!
I saw them this spring here in Zurich, Switzerland. They not only created some of the finest two hours of live music I ever witnessed but, on top of it, they also seem to enjoy themselves while producing the magic. Many times Danilo played a few notes that put an outright smile on Wayne's or John's faces. Must have been some kind of musical inside jokes...