Wayne Shorter Has passed

Wayne Shorter has passed away. He was one of the greats.

Here’s Infant Eyes from "Speak no Evil"





Bless the family.  
A great, great artist who blessed us all with an incredible wealth of great, innovative art.

I will be playing me some Shorter tonight and toasting a great artist. Enjoy the music

Knew his work best from his collaborations with Herbie Hancock, especially as part of The Headhunters.

Superb musician. RIP

Been busy all day, and just found out. He was a giant, leaving a great legacy. Had the good fortune of seeing/hearing him live a couple of times. Feel the loss, but he'll still be with us. 

His Blue Notes and the Second Great Quintet recordings are some of my very favorite music, period. 

"Juju" was the first Jazz LP I bought. I had no idea how it sounded-- I bought it for the cover art. When the needle dropped, I was not disappointed. 


@stuartk "House of Jade" from "Juju" would be the theme music to my Jazz show if I had one.


Up to that point, I'd been strictly a Rock listener but I found "JuJu" and "Night Dreamer" quite accessible, due to Shorter’s highly melodic themes.

I very much doubt the transition would’ve been as easy, had I chosen a Don Cherry, Andrew Hill or Sam Rivers Blue Note!

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