Wavestream phono


I talked to Brian at the Analog Room in CA about the Wavestream phono. 62db gain. Tube gain stage. I was told it would work very well with my Urushi. The Wavestream retails for $4500. Sounds like a steal at that price for what you get.

Nothing on the net about it yet. I did read some positive comments on this site. But I want more information.

Can anyone comment? Sound? Build quality? How does it compare to other phono stages like the Aesthetix, Manley, ASR, Lamm?

It's one of the very best phono stages I have ever used or heard.
I have owned/own ASR basis exclusive, 47 lab, dartzeel.
Living near the analog room I have heard many of the finest phono stages availiable.

The wavestream is very well built and easy to use and as good as it gets sonically IMO ad based on my experience.

BTW, I used it with a Urushi as well as 47/miyabi and VDH colibri...all were excellent

I have also heard the Wavestream Kinetics piece at the same location and agree that it provides top-shelf performance. The builder has been around for some time, but it is a small "boutique-type" product line, which is a concern to some when comparing to more "established" brands. It is also something of an esoteric brand so resale in the event of moving in a different direction later, might be an issue. However, Brian will do what he can to make sure you get good service in the event such is needed and I doubt you'd be disappointed with respect to performance. I thought it was a sweet sounding piece but perhaps without the balls of the Aesthetix IO. However, all tube phono stages are not my first preference, so take my evaluation with a grain-o-salt. Do you live near enough to give it a personal listen? The AR could certainly show it with a Urishi!

Glide3, are you also KurtTank?
Thanks Kurt and 4yanx.

I am in New Jersey. Long trip to CA. :) I dont think Brian has anything he can ship to me for evaluation


When you say "The AR could certainly show it with a Urishi!", is AR referring to ASR or Audio Research?

Analog Room
Hi Rmaurin,

I'm sure 4yanx meant AR as in "Analog Room" the dealer in Northern California.

BTW, I was also looking at the used Wavestream phono for sale here right now. no way i can afford it, but I am definitely intrigued.

I have heard Wavestream Kinetic's flagship $36k V-8 monoblock amplifiers driving $40k ESP Concert Grand planar speakers. It was the greatest musical reproduction I have ever heard, period. And I'm strictly a low-powered SET amp/high-eff horn guy. It was made even more impressive by the fact that this happened at an audio, where even the best can sound like crap.
Rich, contact your nearest Einstein dealer and audition The Turntable's Choice phono stage. No lack of "balls" and as sweet and open as you can imagine, and very quiet as well. Another phono stage which I believe will be shown in Las Vegas for the first time is the Vendetta Research Gen. II. Disclaimer: I am an Einstein dealer.
I just talked with Brian at the Analogue Room and he seems to be saying that they (he owns Wavestream) are still in process with how they are going to present the product and that the price will be around $7k. The dust should settle by Vegas. A dealer network will be developed at that time.

Kurt Atherton (glide3)
I just replaced my BAT VK P10 SE with Super Pak with the Wavestream Deluxe Balanced Phono Stage and the Wavestream really outperforms it in every way. Its ease of loading and unlimited options make it hard to beat. Much more detailed and open with tight fast bass with slam. I can't wait for it to break in!!
Are you still happy with the Wavestream phono stage?