Waves MaxxBCL

Hey Audio community,

I've come across a brand new Waves Maxx BCL piece of equipment. I say 'piece of equipment' because I am not an audio person and I don't really know what it does. No, this piece of equipment was not stolen! It was part of a large undelivered shipment that was donated to the organization that I work with to sell to raise funds for our programming. So going to a good cause. I was told it's a 'sound mixer'... that said, I don't want to list it for $50 if this isn't the right place for it. Can anyone give me an idea as to whether or not this item would be of value for this community? It's listed on the Waves website at $3680. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! Send any questions my way.


This is a pro audio device - used primarily in recording.  It would have no use to an audiophile for home stereo.  I would suggest posting in a pro audio forum such as these: