Waves, and a perfect sleep

G'day all,

The best night's sleep I've ever had was by the seashore, wtih the gentle sound of waves breaking on the beach. I've been looking for a CD with the sound of waves, a seashore kind of sound. I've been able to find several discs, but they all have music intermingled somehow. I'd love to get my hands on a disc with the sound of waves washing in on the beach, set a CD player on repeat, and get a great night's sleep. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Jeff
Try www.ocean-wave-sounds.com
On Bell Expressvue, which you are probably familiar with, there is a nature audio channel and it beats me why they have to mix the sounds of nature with the Muzak (oh, sorry, that's a Registered Trade Mark, I 'spose...). My wife and I have a running joke every time we hit upon that channel of how there are so often pianos in the forest or on the beach. I agree: give us the sounds of nature straight up or shove it! I find some of those nature sounds very relaxing when I have a migraine. The piano, on the other hand, just makes the pounding worse.
Back in the good old vinyl days, there was a series of LP's called Environments. One was the crashing surf; one was sounds of the forest; one was sounds of the rain; one was droning monk chants. No accompaniment, just sounds. Maybe reissued as CD's??? R.I.P.
Why not buy a sound machine from Sharper Image? It has all sorts of recoorded sounds available at your fingertips...even sounds of taxi cabs blasting their horns in traffic! (Who the hell would want to hear that?...maybe people from Jersey?? :)
I bought a few CD's from the website Ig40 recommended, I look forward to receiving them. Thanks guys! Jeff
Just let your toilet run all night long...peace!
We have a few that we use mostly for breakin of equipment 24x7 - and that we sleep to as well, especially useful on the road in noisy hotels. No MuzaK. They are:

Environments 1: Psychologically Ultimate Seashore

Echoes of Nature - Ocean Waves