WaveLink HS 24/192 vs Bel Canto 24/96 USB to SPDIF

Hi everybody,
Presently I am using Bel Canto 24/96 usb to spdif converter to connect
Mac mini to my Audio Research DAC 8.
My question is: would I gain much sonically if I upgraded it to WaveLInk
24/192 converter?
I'll be very grateful for your input on this matter.
Thanks again.

Are you wanting to play higher res files or just wandering if the sonics will be different?

I would also include one of the new Bel Canto USB convertors in your search as they are very impressive.

**Bel Canto dealer disclaimer**
I have the old Bel Canto Light Link 24/96.

It is a synchronous USB connection. IMHO these are easily supplanted by a good asynchronous USB connection.

I have had great results with the WaveLink HS but if there is one challenge I find, it is the BNC cable. I have a good coax cable but using adaptors on both ends of the coax causes audio drop outs. So I am forced to use the supplied BNC until I can find a more suitable cable.

I think the Wavelink is one of the best performing USB-SPDIF adaptors out there. It might be outperformed by the OffRamp4 that my friend has but I feel that because it supports INT and Direct Mode in Lion/Mountain Lion and Audirvana Plus, it actually outperforms the OR4 in that configuration.

I haven't heard the new Bel Canto async USB boxes (there are 3) but my friend who has the REFLink can't say enough good things about them. And no, he's not a dealer. I like that it supports INT/Direct modes and also has the choice of interfaces (coax/AES and the ST link). If funds allow, I might try that, and ask them for a VBS version so I can use the third DC output from my VBS :D
Let me ask you this. If on a budget, would it not be best to use mini Toslink from MacPro into an Empirical Synchro Mesh and from it into the RCA/BNC input of the DAC? This platform can do 24/192khz.

Like the OP, i have the Bel Canto USB 24/96 Link using my MacBook Pro into an ARC DAC7 which has been modded by Steve Huntley. Only 5% of my entire music collection is digital so i have no desire to spend $20K on digital front end when i have $30K invested in the analog front end. I really like the DAC 7. I think the 2 weak Links (no pun intended) in my set up is:
1) the USB converter
2) using Itunes on its own (no Pure Music or Audirvana+ or similar)
There is only one problem I found with the synchromesh.

I believe it only does 16/44 or 24/96. You have to specify it when you order. You can't have both in the same box.

I understand it was done to provide the best performance but if you have a mix of RBCD and HR downloads, it might be a concern.