Wavelength Brick USB DAC - Power Supply Questions

Hello all,

This is my first post here despite having been around for quite some time.

I have been considering getting a used Brick and have a few questions :

1. Is there any special with the stock power supply for the Brick ?

2. Is the stock power supply single voltage only (say 110V a.c. only) or it can be used for universal voltages ?

3. Has anyone use other power supply for convenience or sonic improvements ?

4. Will a better power supply help the soncis ?

5. What is the plug specification for the DC plug in the Brick ?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

BTW, I do have a Ultra Fi iRoc USB DAC and how the Brick performs by comparison.
I would direct these questions to Gordon Rankin at Wavelength directly via email. He is always very responsive to enquiries of this sort.
I own a Brick, and from what I know the power supply is a standard wall wart. Nothing special.