Waveform Speakers

Has anyone listened to any of the Waveform speakers very much? If so, what do you think?
I believe these speakers come from Canada. Their designer (John Otvos?) took it really hard (mid '90s) when his original effort got luke warm reception in the press. His new "Egg" design is generally recognized as a masterpiece. I've heard them at volume at an audiophile society meeting and thought them outstanding (reasonable price too -at least for the mid-treble "egg" unit...). Also, they have a really clean waterfall graph (bested only by the Wilson Watt). I like 'em.
I own a pair of Waveform Mach Solo's. I've had them since this May. They are truly outstanding in every way!! The clean clear sound is like nothing I've heard elsewhere. The bass response is to die for. The "egg" is more like the best minimonitor ever made. It's built as an integrated system and so the music goes together wonderfully. The rendition of low level detail is among the very best. You can hear everything at low to moderate sound levels. I rarely turn up the volume all that much. There is just no need to do so. I use BAT amplification and have a small room. Yet with the Waveform's, I finally get creditable symphonic music. The soundstage is wide, spacious, and true. These speakers have no colorations or resonances. A spoken human voice sounds exactly like a live human voice. This is much more recognizable than musical "trueness", we constantly hear it. I bought the speakers without ever hearing them. I had a lot of communication with John Otvos. And I studied the graphs and charts and compared them to other highly thought of speakers. Performance wise the Solo's are near the best. But they "only" cost $4600 or so. One has to spend 2 or 3 times as much to approach the level of performance.
Check out the web site waveform.ca - company is closing and the speakers (whats left anyways) are about 50% off!!!!