Waveform mach solo's, Are they good?

Does anybody have any experience with these? I would appreciate any input.
Are you kidding? The current Waveform series may be the best speakers, all things considered, available today. Ultimately though, this component category may be the most subjective in terms of evaluation. I have heard the solo and the flagship Mach 17s many times and was VERY impressed. Unless I become more favorably impressed, the Mach 17s will be my next system. Realize that the Solos are, absent the lowest octave, essentially the Mach 17. When you add the matched sub it really becomes a difficult choice. My best advice though, give them an extended trial and then let me know why you wouldn't select them.
You may not have heard the bad news. John Otvos (who is Waveform) has decided to retire from the speaker-making business. According to his web site (www.waveform.ca), he is trying to sell the business to someone who will carry on with his philosophy. I hope someone does. He quickly sold all of his remaining speakers at 1/2 price. I have bought a pair of Solos, which I should receive within a week or so and I will let you know what I think. At this point, you can't buy Waveforms anymore and I have never seen a used pair for sale (John says no one ever took him up on his money-back guarantee). I sincerely hope someone ends up buying the business so this great speaker can be back on the market. Ken
The Waveform Mach Solo is clearly the best speaker you cannot buy anymore. I've had my pair since May'00 and NOTHING(except the Mach 17's) else comes close to true music! Only about 25 pairs were made. Someday, a pair may show up on the used market - death, divorce, moving overseas, that kind of thing.
It really is a shame that Waveform is no more. Waveform was one of the few companies that actually provides anechoic chamber measurement of their speakers. From reading John Ottvos notice on the web site I get the impression that Waveform was done in by 'tweaks' in the audio press who did not care for his direct marketing approach. Truly a sad thing for the audiophile community.
Thanks, I bought the last pair John made. They are without a doubt the best speaker I've owned! I have owned several speakers that sell for 4 times as much. It's sad but in the Audio business like a lot of business it's more about marketing and politics than a good product. I hope that John can reopen. Factory direct doesn't make enough people money, that was one of the biggest problems and I'm going to open an Hi end store very shortly and I'm stating that fact. My store is going to be by appt only, it's not going to be my source of income so I can give my customers (what I think fits their budget)the best system.