Wave Kinetics NVS table

Any updates in relation to this table, there was allot of chatter a while back but all appears to be silent now.

I take it that the shipping package issues have been all resolved considering Albert P received his replacement successful.

Curious to hear from users, what they replaced and why?

Or just what they have heard.
No one?

I had asked a few whom attended the latest CES show if they had seen or heard the table and all said no so I knew Albert P also attended and asked him, his reply was;

01-21-12: Albertporter

Hello Dev,

Was it set-up at the CES, if so with what arm/cart combo and system.

The NVS was not at CES, at least not that I saw. The room with Evolution Acoustics speakers are where I expected to see it but instead source was digital plus a big Ampex ATR tape machine.

I've heard the table is more than a dozen units back ordered and that is why no show. I don't know if that's a fact or show rumor.

Hi Dev,

As more of these Turntables make there way into customers systems, I'm sure we will be reading more about this excellent & exciting table. The design process, build quality & aesthetics appealed to me from the start.

Will it be for everyone...of course not. There will always be the few that feel what they have is supreme no matter what. That's great, there are many ways to reach your nirvana. It's about having fun with this hobby & reaching great musical reproduction the way you fell it should sound.

As we seen from some a previous thread, It was attacked from the start without the parties ever hearing it. Being new, this was expected for what ever agenda some have. It's their loss as far as I'm concerned. Every one is entitled to their opinions & I respect this. I feel more people need to hear the NVS & truly form their own judgement. I understand the personal preference for either belt drives, rim drive, & tread drives. I have owned a few tables in my many years of assembling a high end system.

To me this table is very special. It replaced a very good DD turntable in my system & quite a few belt drives before that, as well as rim. I for one will most likely never go back to them as I feel the drive & pace of this table is far superior. I searched for a while to settle on a new TT, looked & listened to quite a few, some in my system & some not. Pm me if you care to know what it replaced as I don't care to get into pissing matches with others on what I feel. Ego's on these blogs get bruised very easily! Smile!

The Wave Kinetics NVS in combo with the Durand Telos, ( The Talea II before that ) has exceeded my expectations. I hope to get the Talea II back some day for the other arm when finances permit ). The playing of lp's for me has never sounded better. I use Tape as my reference having both a Studer A810 & A80 RC MKII to compare. No better way to do a accurate evaluation in my opinion... This combo has come as close to tape ( of course the recordings play a part )as anything I have had or heard before it. The dynamics, power, & detail is exceptional. Imaging, soundstage ( deep & wide ), separation of instruments, & air all with great scale. Of course a good room / power all help the process as well. I have worked hard to achieve this in the last 5 years.

I know the shipping issues have been resolved. Having the TT well packed & crated with less human interaction was a definite plus & the right way to deliver. It was unfortunate that the shipping of a couple early units got damaged in shipping. But, being a new product, sometimes there is a learning curve. The shipping cartons of the early units if feel were significant enough but when you have to many people handling them, something was bound to happen. These certain shipping companies just don't care how large packages are handled. Believe me I know from experience.

I have had mine for a good while now & all I can say is Wow! I could not be happier.

Good luck in your search, keep us informed.