WAVAC With Avantgarde?

I am thinking about the WAVAC MD-805s monoblocks, the PR-T1 line stage, paired with Avantgarde Dous. However, I have heard the WAVAC is too "noisy" for the Dous. Any thoughts?
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my wavac is quiet as a mouse w/ my WP6s.

and it sounds wonderful.

try jim ricketts at TMH audio as he can probably advise better than anyone.

I have the Duos running with Audiopax 88s. It is rumored that the Dehavilland Aries 845s are super awesome with the Duos. Similar design to the Wavacs but way cheaper. Also read the review on the Dehavillands available at the website, the reviewer had also reviewed the Wavacs and came away with, no need to spend more that this on a SE triode amp.
Just curious...why do you need 55 watt monoblocks to drive the Avantgardes? With the efficiency of these speakers, isn't this overkill?
Heard the WAVAC amp (not sure which, their $19k model) and pre-amp driving a pair of Venture speakers (second or third down from top model) in the WAVAC room at CES. Amazing sound and very, very real vocals. Sorry I can't remember the models, information overload.
I sell both WAVAC and Avantgarde Duos. I demo the 805's with the Duos or Trios, which are even more sensitive to noise. You have to be within 1 foot to hear any tube noise....not an issue.
How would you describe a Trio (ctrl sub) /EC300b pairing?
Do you think the Trios would work at their best with an ec300b?