Wavac SET tube amps with different output tube

Hi. Wavac have different levels(MD,EC,HE and SH) of their SET power amps.Anybody heard them and how good are MD-805MkII 60W mono blocks with separate PS in comparison to HE-805 50W stereo amps and to HE-833Ver 1.3 150W mono blocks.
My speakers have 95dB sensitivity and 8Ohm impedance(tube friendly).
Thanks in advance
Hi Schorly! Great to see you this weekend. I am loving my CJ Act 2! On your recommendation, I did a search on Wavac, and your post came up! By coincidence, there is someone locally here who has a pair of 805's. I am going to try to listen and will let you know.

Hi Lloyd.
Thank you that would be nice. Please let me know how it sounds in comparison to other good stuff.Try to find also Wavac with 300B tube( model MD and EC).
Hope to see you soon again.
Sounds good...will let you know!
Audio Exotics has some forums discussing some of the differences, including a shootout between an 833 vs. the 805MkII.

Thank you Cjfrbw for your information.
Hi Schorly.

Read the new hifi+ review on Berning Quadature Z mono amps. 275 watts into 4ohm load. Franco Serblin of SF used Berning ZHZ20 70watt amp in his studio on Strads during the Jan 05 Stereophile review. The Quad Z is his new reference. Yikes. I am auditioning after Roy Gregory finishes his follow up review for HiFi+ later this month. Will let you know! Lloyd