Wavac preamp with Kharma 3.2 and Tenor OTL

I was looking for preamp for some time now. The idea of Wavac came to me because I've heard of its transparency, sweet sound, and silence. Do anyone who heard Wavac pre can give me some ideas. There is one s/h with non Wavac cables. How important theese cables can be for the sound?
Thanks Alex
I have been using a Wavac PR-X1 preamplifier for less than one year now. My unit has premium Mullard tubes that replaced the factory stock ones. This is my first tube preamplifier after about 20 years of using various solid state preamplifiers. Also, a comeback to my 60's-70's era when I employed only tube design preamplifiers. I use Discovery interconnects between the Wavac preamp and the power amplifier and I am very satisfied with the sound generally. I don't know anything about the recommendation of using any special interconnects in connection with the Wavac preamplifier since a preamp cannot be dependent of a certain brand/model of interconnect (such theory is a farce). The owner's manual for the Wavac PR-X1 does not say anything about any such requirement, or recommendation. If you intend to try various interconnects and options, you will do this on your own risk, expenses and time. If an interconnect would dramatically change the envisioned sound of a piece of electronics, preamp or power amp being the most handy examples, then there is something wrong with either the interconnects themselves -interfering too much in the way of the signal- or with the electronics, since the changes in sound should be only subtle, or minor, not obvious or drastic by their nature. In closing, you can use any decent brand name interconnect from the mainstream with very good results, and not necessarily a certain brand, or very expensive, or an exotic type of interconnect. There is no need for such kind of sophistication. Save your money, or use it wisely for something else of greater good or importance. We all eventually want to enjoy the music, and not to experiment all kinds of unnecessary tweaks or waste our time for no valid reason. And remember, an interconnect is always a subordinated accessory to the main electronics and never vice versa. Any decent brand name interconnect will be suitable for the Wavac preamplifier, as long as it is a known or proven as good and reliable brand name cable. If you will prefer a specific brand name interconnect based on audition test, or more suitable for your application, then this is simply something personal, and you must trust your decision. Regards, Emil - Hartford, CT, USA
I had an opportunity to listen to Wavac system on Muenchen HiEnd show just a couple of weeks ago. The speakers were Kharma Exquisite Reeference and as a pre-amp it was used Wavac PR-T1. Power combo was Wavac HE-833 V1.3. Great system, great sound and .. a great price :-)

I didn't have though the opprtunity to compare pre-amps - it was simply that system shown as-is. It sounded great but it is not possible without comparing how one particular component is really sounding or is there any others with better sound. saying all this, I believe though that PRE-T1 is a great pre-amp.

Concerning cables - I strongly suggest you to try several different cables by yourself and to figure out whether they make a difference or not. The opinions are very divided concerning this particular question. One reason is that there are systems where putting different cables does not influence the reproduction of sound. I experienced though other systems where that is happening. I guess it has a lot to do with input and output impedances of the units, perhaps with internal design of some components .... It is a very complex issue. Therefore, I think the best way to proceed is to try by yourself and find out in your target system which cables are sounding the best for you.

And, yes it will take some time, maybe some money too, but ... that is why we like HiFi ... isn't it :-)
Thank you for your responces.
PR-T1 is now in my system, with Tenor 75 OTL and Kharma. I think that there are only few pre-amps like PR-T1. Really nice looking and sounding too. It was recommended to me that Mullard will be best with PR-T1, but it still need abit of time to run in.
Yes, 833 1.3 are the great amps.
Tenors are hard to beat, so if I will upgrade, the Wavacs will be high on the list.