Wavac PR-X2 preamp - is it worth $10k ?

I am considering buying this preamp. However I have not auditioned it. I have only auditioned its bigger sibling the PR-Z1 which was superb. My question is, the PR-X2 is wavac's entry level preamp and it is not transformer coupled output (unlike the higher model), is it still a very good preamp ? I am just going by the Wavac reputation and my experience their other products which are all masterpieces. Can anyone give me an idea of how the PR-X2 performs for a $10k preamp ?
Hi Pani
I have been reading your threads here and at AA. Have you decided on your amplification yet?
I mainly just have experience with what I own.
My Pre is the Doshi Alaap, bought here from original owner at slightly under half retail list price.
I feel set for life with that one.
Not unless they're rich.
Isochronism, between the Audio Note Conquest and Audio Note Kit Legend 300B, I chose the kit Legend. It is any day a better amplifier than standard conquest. Faster, cleaner, purer, more authority, very stable under difficult load, still has the AN sound. But recently I heard the Wavac EC-300B and that has given sleepless nights. I am thinking if the MD-300B can do it for me. So it is going to be either the Wavac or Legend 300B for me.
The website says it has an output impedance of 10kohms. Could that be a typo ?