Wavac PR-X2

Does anyone have some experience with this preamp? How does it compare to other top level preamps like the VTL 7,5 , Lamm Reference, Darzteel etc? Does it have a warm sound or could you describe it as a neutral preamp? To be honest I would like it to have a neutral sound!

Im looking to match it with my MD-805m monoblocks!

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I have heard it at Detlofs place, who is a member here as well.
Both the Lamb as well as the VTL cannot touch it. The Dartzeel I am not familiar with. The unit is absolutely quiet, even if wide open, highly resolving and very dynamic. It is neutral and in comparison to the other units mentioned has far better Prat at all sound levels.
Detlof drives the unit with NOS Mullards from the Fifties.
Hope this helps. If you want to know more, drop Detlof a line. He is a nice and helpful person.

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Guys thanks for your answers!

Detlof please give me some more info about the preamp sound in your system and how is compares to other preamps you have tried!

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I heard one of their preamps a my NY dealers. I am just not sure which one, but believe it was 20-25K, line stage only. It was very impressive, and this dealer has had some very formidable preamps, including VTL, and CAT, to name a few. I did not inquire much, only because I was concentrating on the tube amp that I was there to hear, and eventually purchased. This preamp is certainly worth consideration. I don't want to be a cheerleader for the dealer, but he is a great guy and has some serious equipment.
I've had the four chassis Jadis, the VTL 7.5 Mk II and the Atma-Sphere two chassis preamp and the latest Zanden. All are excellent offerings, but the Wavac, tube rolled with NOS 1955 Mullards beats them all in the fields of resolution, soundstage, naturalness and sheer "musicality". It is absolutely quiet and has very good dynamics. I use it to drive either the VTL Siegfrieds or the 220watt Atma-Spheres to drive my Sound Lab speakers.
Hope this helps.
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