Wavac PR-T1 thoughts?

Does anyone have thoughts on this preamp mated to Gryphon Antileon Signature monoblocks? I'm about to order one without really auditioning it since the deal was good. I've read the reviews and discussions on here but it doesn't seem like many people actually use it (probably because it's big bux). None of the bigger magazines have reviewed it.

The Bat Rex keeps coming up as a contender and I will try and audition this too.

Can I go wrong with the Wavac?

Hi Enzo,
Only just found your blog , about the wavac prt1 this is superb , better tan the kndo m77 and all the other stuff out there, I know i have one and the lrx2 phono stage to go with it .
I have heard this in other systems with boulder power amp and with solution 710, I am a valve man myself , also for the power amps . however wavac power amps are expensive , only the 833 amps the rest are not that good . unless you have very eficient speakers. make sure that you are getting the 3 box
set up as I think wavac are changing to a 2 box set up .
the prt1 and lrx2 6 boxes in total is virtually unbeatable .
Hello Steve,

I have a Wavac PRT1 on trial and noticed that it is brilliant in every microdynamic respect regarding midbass to midrange to treble, however having lived with CAT preamp for 12yrs, it is lacking the visceral physical slam that one feels with big orchestral wacks like TItanic soundtrack, and though it has low bass it just does not seem as a solid underpinning of rhythm and pace demonstrated by CAT preamp on pieces from Sarah K, Holly Cole and Leonard Cohen. This is in my system and every system is different. But I will tell you that my system which consists of 2 powered subs per channel with CAT preamp has reproduced realistic orchestral impacts that are startling. Not so yet with the PRT1. Can PRT1 attain this type of character or is this the trade off: microdynamics for macrdynamics?
may i ask, did the Wavac PRT1 ever achieve the sound you were looking for?
did it flesh out the lower register and gain some slam?

i ask because i am considering one, and these are vital traits to me

if not i would be very interested to know what you chose instead.