Wavac MD-805m with Lamm LL2 preamp?

Hi guys!

As I am not really into tech stuff, do you think that according to the input impedance of the Wavac and the output impedance of the Lamm they could be a good match?

Thank you very much.


Do you think it is transparent enough for your system ?
Hi Elberoth...I'm not really sure about that.
You have to be extra careful not to loose resolution and purity of tone of your Wavac/EMM combo. I do not think LL2 is transparent enough.
Hi Elberoth2!

Yes I want to find a preamp which is ultra transparent, and is going to give me a bit of gain also.
Of course I am going to audition before I buy but I am afraid that in a 2-3 day home demo I wont be able to fully realize if the preamp is messing with my signal.
Thats why I am asking for opinions from other fellow audiogoners.
What about First Sound preamps?

Thanks in advance.