Wavac MD-805m

Hello my friends!

I'm looking on any opinions regarding these wavac monoblocks (55W Single ended). I have found a great deal on them and I consider buying them. So my questions are:

1) What is you general opinion on these amps?
2) How do they compare with Lamm ML2.1 (that I have heard with my speakers and was satisifed)?
3) Will they drive my 93db Verity Sarastro at good levels (Above 100 db peaks)?
4) Until I buy the Wavac preamp I will use them straight from EMM LABS CDSA cd player. Will I be happy with that?

Thanks a lot guys!


I couldnt wait so I finally bought the Wavac amp!

Amazing flat-musicallity and a great match for the Veritys.


By the way it handles the speakers easily, even at 1/4 of the volume I reach around 90db. With this amp you really dont neet to listen that loud...
And I'm still using it without a preamp.
Anybody knows which preamp is going to better with this amp than using it straight from the cd player?


I was considering the Wavac 805 and the Lamm ML2.1. At the end I chose ML2.1. Since you heard both amps with your speakers, can you share your thoughts abt them and why you went with the Wavac?

As for the preamp, I can share that I heard at a friend's place where he used the EMM labs as the preamp. i was not impressed with that arrangement. Could certainly benefit from having a "real" preamp.
Hi Alectiong!

First of all both amps are very very close to each other. Beautiful voices and generally timbre and flat.
The Wavac though has almost three times the power of the Lamm. That was important for me even though I have a sensitive speaker (93db).
Even though acoustic memory doesnt really help I would say that the Wavac is a tiny bit more flat. Thats how it sounded to me at least.
What speakers did your friend have?

Michael, the Wavac costs 2/3 of the Lamm. With so much more power to spare, the Wavac seems like a great bargain. Unfortunately I never had a chance to do a AB comparison with my speakers.I did hear some people say the Wavac can drive my Kharma very nicely.
My friend has the Marten Coltranes and he uses the Vitus solid state monoblocks.
It's not that much of a bargain. The wavac costs 24.000$ and the Lamm I think 30.000$.
Both amps are excellent! I guess the only true difference between the two amps is their watts.
Based ony my experience with that kharmas, the only thing I am sure is that I would never use them with solid state amps.

I am looking at the 805M too, having heard it at the London HiFi show recently. It looks and sounds wonderful. If only it had more than 1 input, you could do away with a pre amp. If you have sensitive speakers, the 300B integrated sounds wonderful too, at a far cheaper price, but I think it is only 10watts
David I assure you it has lots of power and an absolutely world class sound. It is the flattest valve I have heard, the deepest sounstage I have heard, accuracy, detail, and EMOTION.