Wavac EC-300B - Feedback Request

Are there any Wavac EC-300B owners out there who can share some feedback with me?

Wondering about things like Wavac reliability etc.

Any tips on tube rolling etc.

Would you recommend it to a friend?
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I am using different Wavac equipment more than five years. Most natural and seductive sound. Never have any problems, never use different tubes. Piece of art. You should try it with new Duvel Sirius, best sound I ever heard.
Jack Roberts, the critic at Dagogo dot com, has one and comments on it from time to time. You might want to e-mail him, he is a nice person and hears a lot of different stuff.
i am using an md300b amp on an ag duo , some of the worst sounding amp i had heard on these
the guy i got it from says to get different tubes , but stock it sounds shit , its veiled , bass shy and all about midrange , rooled off on top
i am so dissapointed .its not even funny
i have an AG model 3 amp , and to my ears its far far superior
i cannot think of one person that can honestly keep a straight face and tell me it sounds good
however it looks good and seem to be totally silent on a 104 db horn
I have a Wavac EC-300B. It sounds really good. However my speakers are not good to it (Rega Ela - 89db). I hope I can change some day. I am using WE-300b. I would like to try other combinations 300b + 6L6GC.

Hi Rchan, I have a WAVAC EC 300B amplifier and it is a excellent sounding amplifier when matched with efficient speakers.
I have used it with the Avantgarde Duo Omega, Ocellia Calliope & Tannoy Westminster Royal speakers with wonderful results.
The Western Electric and KR 300 B are highly recommended.
Thanks Jason.
Hi Jason,

What are the 6l6GC you are using on the Wavac EC-300b?
I have the Wavac, currently driving the Phy-HP KM30 coaxial driver in an open baffle. The virtues of the amp: Extremely quiet, supremely reliable, virtually no warmup time, all the virtues of 300b midrange with excellent extension at the frequency extremes. My only wish is that it had separate taps for 4, 8, 16 ohm output. The outputs are available internally, but require some soldering skills and courage.
I run an EC300B on Duevel Bella Lunas with Murata ES 103 super tweeters. Prior to this I was using a Graaf GM20. The quietness and control, soundstage and colour density of the Wavac are without comparison. I have changed to EAT300Bs from the stock TJs and use t
Tungsol KT66s which really are 6l6GCs as driver tubes. Much tighter sound than the cryo-ed JAN Philips 7581s or the coke bottle Shuguang 6L6s.
I have heard a Wavac 300B in my system and it really, really struggled. It could barely drive my speakers to an acceptable level, and it was clipping at low listening levels. If you buy one, make sure you pair it with efficient speakers.

I have heard the 805 based Wavac SET on my system, and it left a much more favourable impression. It was more linear and had a gorgeous midrange - cool and elegant. It still could not drive my speakers to an acceptable level and was still rather bass shy.
>>04-27-11: Amfibius
I have heard a Wavac 300B in my system and it really, really struggled.<<

If I'm not mistaken your speakers are 91dB and fall to 3 ohms at one point. Furthermore, the manufacturer recommends 40WPC.

I doubt any 8WPC 300B would perform better than the Wavac.

Tube amps should be seen as ONE unit with a matching Speaker (high efficiency, simple X-over...). The magic is in the first few watts.
When it is done right, you hear in the first 3 seconds why 2A3, 45, WE300B and others have such a huge reputation.
I listened in the 90's to such a Wavac 300B - with NOS WE300B -, an Original from Nobu Shishido, in combination with a 99dB Horn Speaker (+slot horn tweeter, fast, fast, fast, a Korean Design) with Basis Debut vac. Graham 2.2 and a Takeda Miyabi Cartridges. It was one of the super rare demos where the Visitors didn't leave the room. They waited the 40 min. for the next 20min run. That was the moment for me, where I got the impression what's all about.
That was the real High End. A perfect combination, a very impressing Demo.
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i need wavac ec 300 where the sale

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Try Mehran- Sorasound.