Wavac Audio amps

Anyone heard them besides dealers?  Compared to other amps? They sure look impressive.
own them, love them...which model do you have in mind ?
My friend has one great sounding amp.
No, not ever going to get it, I guess. Simply interested. Is it really as great as presented?
My Wavacs will be my last amp period. They are everything and more than I wanted.  May not float everyone's boat

Sunnyboy1956, what did you compare it to and what speakers and cables do you use with it ?
TBH a demo of the top of the range Wavacs is rare but not impossible. I spent nearly a year researching the Wavacs, comparing notes with owners but bought without an actual demo. I am not disappointed. With  150wpc SET class A, they work superbly with my 89db efficient Rockport Aviors using Audiomica speaker cables.
Hope this helps

I had 3 over the years once bought a used one off the gon and it failed I inquired about having it repaired fully expecting to pay since amp was used so sent it in next thing I know I get a email from WAVAC and they sent me a brand new amp I also enjoyed the sound quality. But thought I would mention that I received beyond what is required for support.