WAudio 3900 "Hi-End Audio Grade" Noise Filter

This device, the WAudio 3900 "Hi-End Audio Grade" Noise Filter (about $170 at Amazon), got a good review on the "Audiophilia" web site. Reviewer Anthony Kershaw used it as a "stopgap" after his >$2000 power conditioner somehow self-destructed.  He wrote, "The 3900 has 6 filtered, hospital grade outlets and 4 industrial, non filtered outlets. I plugged my amplifier into the wall—far too many inexpensive power conditioners rob the amplifier of power if the filtered outlets are not sufficiently managed by the transformers for reserve power. I plugged everything else into the filtered outlets. He concludes, "So, if you’re getting an entry-level audiophile system together, you could do far worse for a lot more money than this gem from W Audio". 

W Audio also makes a $50 power cord for it, so the total package is ~$200. All I know is that it's manufactured in China and that Kershaw likes it. Anybody here know the company? The product(s)? My system isn't "entry level" (well, in some people's view it likely is!) Opinions/perspectives on this will be appreciated!

There is NOTHING wrong with your AC power! All the filtering needed takes place inside your components. If not, then they are poorly designed and should be replaced! 
Power conditioners are just another way to extract money from the neurotic and gullible!
Go roberjerman! Exactly! Nothing should get by a good power supply other than stable DC power. Spend your money on better components or better yet on Music!!
Thanks! I'm using a hospital power strip and have been doing so for years. I'll stick with what I've got based on your comments.


I am a year late… but I use this exact unit on my JL subs and it eliminated (at least greatly reduced) the electrical buzz in my system. I use the JL crossovers in the subs and they pick up electrical noise, probably because JL is junk. 

this electrical buss does not go up and down with volume and goes away if I don’t use the subs. Sometime I will buy new subs from a different brand. 

There is a video by Sean(zero fidelity guy on YouTube) under this product at Amazon. Bottom line: he’s not a fan of power conditioners but was surprised to find some benefits after listening to this one.