Watts vs input sensitivity __2 Different size Amps

IF I have two different amps one a Classe CA-101 which has a input sensitivity of 950 MV for the rated 100 Watts and the other a Classe CA-201 which has a input sensitivity of 1.3 Volts for it's 200 Watts with the same Gain of 29.02db would the Classe CA-201 put out more or less Watts then the Classe CA-101 being driving with the same input sensitivity voltage of 950 MV?
One thing has nothing to do with it. You might find that one may seem louder at a lower setting than the other, but the higher power amplifier will ultimately put out more power.
Are you bi-amping? You will want to match the gain. As long as the source has enough output for full power (most cdp's are 2v output).

The draw on the power supply will be as needed.

And Jtinn, too, strikes out! :-)

The 200Watt amp has 3dB more power than the 100Watt amp. 1.3V. is 2.72dB higher than 0.95V., VERY close to 3dB different. Therefore, the 200Watt amp will produce almost exactly 100 Watts with an input of 0.95V.

Of course, as Jtinn already indicated, the 200Watt amp will indeed deliver 200 Watts into 8 Ohms with an input of 1.3V., whereas the 100Watt amp will merely clip badly with an input Voltage of 1.3.

So you'll get the same gain and subjective loudness* with the 2 amps, but the 200W. amp will have more headroom...3dB more.

* unless both are driven VERY hard
I'm not sure what your doing...or what these guys are saying is even important.

I'm sure you know that the lesser power amp is the limiting factor.

I am driving a pair of Model 1 Totem speakers which has a sensitivity of 87 db @ 4 ohms with a passive preamp with a attenuator pot of 35 Kohms .I am not driving the Classe CA-101 amp hard at all but need a little more power without having the attenuator pot all the way turned up .I am wondering if I should change the pot to 20 Kohms or buy the CA-201?
The other option you should look at is getting a hotter source for your passive preamp! My Gamut CD1R outputs 4-5volts, Theta, Wadia, and a number of other CDP's or DAC's have outputs and this works great with passive preamps. Also if you are running a passive preamp you should be making sure interconnects are short (.5meter- 1 Meter max.

Doesn't the Attenuator Pot in the most wide open position provide the purest path if the pot is not resistor based? so it shouldn't matter that you are all the way turned up.

Someone else will better describe what I just butchered!

If you haven't tried a Placette Passive you should! it's an amazing piece of equipment and Guy is awesome to work with (you give him the specs and he will tell it to you straight!)

Sogood51: "I'm sure you know that the lesser power amp is the limiting factor.

That's true only if one generally drives the 100Watt amp so hard it clips OFTEN. If the 2 amps are driven so that the lower-power amp clips only occassionaly, the lower-power amp will NOT be a limiting factor.
Jasljis: "...need a little more power without having the attenuator pot all the way turned up."

The higher-power amp will NOT help if that's your 'problem', and, frankly, I don't perceive it as a problem, but it's not my system. :-)

If you want more level (volume) with the pot at a lower setting, you need a higher-GAIN amp, not a higher-POWER amp. Don't waste your money on a 201.