Watts up with the Linn Majik 2100 amplifier?

I was just reading about the Linn Majik system (CDP, preamp, and amplifier), and noticed that the 2100 amp is rated at a rather odd (for an even number) 56 watts per channel into 8 ohms. My first thought: That is kind of a small number of watts, ain't it? And my second thought: Not 55, and not 57, but 56? This seems a bit strange, even for a company that follows its own, um, rhythms. Watt do you think is up with this?
the original majik was 33wpc (8 ohms) if memory serves.

it's all relative. depends on what speakers you plan on driving with it.

i rather liked the majik i had once upon a time btw.
No amp puts out exactly what it is rated at in all situations. It will depend upon how it is tested, the frequency measured, the speaker etc. etc.