Wattgate or Jena outlets?

Anyone tried and compared both of these receptacles? which one gave you overall better results?
Check out these double cryo receptacles from the people who make the Audioharma Cable Cooker. The Hubbell receptacles, which Jena uses also, are very well made and the cryo treatment provides outstanding sonic benefits.
Audio Excellence
I like the sound of the Cryo’d Hubbell outlets from Audio Excellence (double cryo’d and burned in on the cable-cooker) and they cost less than the Jena but sound as good or better!

I think the Hubbell 381 outlet vs. the cryo’d Hubbell’s sound very close to each other, (I own them both and have tested many) in a blind test, I can’t tell the difference. In my mind price then becomes the issue.
I think Larry meant to say the he found little difference between the cryo'd Hubbel 8300 & the Wattgate 381. I have not made the comparison to Jena but the Wattgate really did it for me bigtime - no regrets at all.
Thanks Bob, you are correct! Sometimes I need all the help I can get. :-)
Anyone else??
I think the Hubbell 8300 hospital grade outlet is best. About $20 through an electrical supply store. No cryo, makes the plastic brittle.
Sonic_genius, I have thought about the possible negative effects cryo treating may have on the non-metallic components of the items treated, like the jackets or connectors on powercords.
Can you elaborate more on what experience you have had with these negative effects of cryo treatment or are there other places where you have seen this topic?
For what ever it's worth; I own the Hubbell 8300 & 5362 non-cryo'd and cryo'd. Once the cryo'd burn in/break in there is no comparison, the cryo'd always win in my tube system and SS system. I've never had a problem with any part being brittle.
What does not survive cryo treatment well are:
1) mov's [they cracked]
2) silicone compounds for damping [they shrunk a bit and hardened].
3) neoprene rubber [shrank a bit and lost elasticity]. I also have been told that silver mica caps don't do well, and "some" adhesives".
Add the mov's and silicon (and other) damping compounds last, *after* the cryogenic treatment....that way everything will be perfect.
Hi Lak,

What is a mov ?

MOV= Metal Oxide Varistor. An electronic component used in surge suppression.

IMO, the Nylon plastic on the Hubbell outlets is more brittle with cryo treatment (piece cracked near screws). This would also affect the insulation resistance of the body. I don't think the NEC would consider this legal unless approved by UL and CSA.
Metal Oxide Varistor
I own over a dozen cryogenically treated outlets of various manufactures and have never had such a problem. Perhaps if the cryogenic process is not followed properly (slowly taking items to the proper temperature and then slowly returning them to room temperature it could cause harmful effects. I would return such an outlet to the business that I purchased it from for a replacement. The people I purchase my outlets from stand behind their products 100%.