Watt War

I always read about the amp wars of the 70's.
Can anyone tell me who won? 
(and was there a Marshall Plan?....sorry about that, couldn't resist.)
Ampzilla of course. Enjoy the music
I have never heard a "Chip amp", sound like anything other than a "Chip amp", once it is under a decent load.
And I really tried to embrace the "Class D", technology. 
But it was the wattage ratings they try to pull off with all class "D" amplifiers?
THAT, is what truly finished them for me. The final nail in their coffin.
We did! With mass marketing and lots of audio equipment rags to print glowing reviews of everything that passes through their doors we have no excuse not to own several amps of varying designs. Thanks to audio websites we can buy and sell at will for $.30 on the dollar and own some incredible gear. 
I owned and still own several Class D amps made from B&O amp modules.

They sounded identical to the Parasound A21s I had.  Sold the Parasound.

Eventually switched to Luxman which sounded better than both.

The idea that half-decent Class D amps have a sonic signature which you could somehow tell different from a linear amp by listening is bunk. Absolute rubbish.