Watt Puppy that much of an improvement?

Long time lurker/learner here with a question perhaps some of you guys can weigh in on. My set up is Pass X250, Pass X1 pre, ML No 37, ML 360S DAC along with B&W 802S3 on SA's. Good interconnects with Purist Venustus spkr cables. Anyway, I've been reading with interest about the watt puppies and started thinking....if I purchase used, I could probably swing a set wp6, wp7. All things being equal, will the resolution, soundstage and depth be that much better than with my B&W's? That darned upgrade bug is still fly'n around and if the more experienced here says there is......I'm going to start looking more seriously and try to find a set to audition. Thanks.....Mark
You have the order all wrong!

Go find some to listen to FIRST, if you like them and they seem to be an upgrade to your liking, THEN look into buying them.......
your system is fine. in fact its more than fine. any system shortcomings are in your head...an audiophile flu, which is often costly and the cure never lasts. if you're jonesing for automotive paint, buy a car.
I agree with Jaybo, I can't see any upgrade in what you propose unless you prefer the "look" of the WP's.
stvrvin-they are different sounding speakers, wp/b&w, so it becomes a preference. i have lived with wp 7's for many years and i really don't think much about changing them. to me, they are outstanding and excel in everything i look for in a speaker. from what i understand, they would match well with your pass stuff. highly recommend you give them a listen.
I've had both and the Wilsons will connect you to the music on a far deeper level. The WP 6's or 7's will convey the emotion, contrast and dynamic swing of music in such a dramatic way that you will wonder what took you so long to sell the B&W's. B&W's, by their design are over damped, power hungry and forward sounding. Find a pair to try if possible to be sure, but I say go for the Wilsons and don't look backLO) FYI, I switched to Sophias due to their coherence and sweeter tone.
Your system is wonderful. based on my personal experience with B&W the Wilsons will be more dynamic and I think your system will definitely be more musical and exciting. The higher sensitivity of the Wilsons are to your benefit as well. What kind of music do you listen too?
Jaybo: Are you familiar with any of Stvrvin's gear or is this another diatribe against upgrading?
russell...i'm familiar and its a diatribe. also, the 802-3 is a classic in every sense.
Hey guys. Just wanted to express appreciation to you for all insights. All views have merit for sure. You know, I guess the reason lots of folks are in this, and I include myself, is that it's such a rewarding hobby. If one has an appreciation for well recorded music (think recordings to die for thread),to sit back with a glass of wine (or more) and listen and then to think you've have a small part in what your hearing (your $$$, equipment and what you've learned here and other places).....geez, talk about feeling great and getting true enjoyment and relaxation. Anyway, I guess the reason I'm looking for suggestions/information/experience is that for sure I like the B&W's, have had them for near 10 years now, but with all things considered in my situation (cash flow, kids, and other priorties),is now the time to move on to something different like the well respected Wilson's(and deal with the wifey factor to boot). I know only I can answer that question....but prior to proceeding in most any major purchase, I always try to gather as much information as I can. Hence, the reason for my question.

Thanks for asking Psacanli, I'm an older rock n' roller that also likes various other music. Probably my favorite artists are Dire Straights, Donal Fagan/Steely Dan, Cowboy Junkies, Ricky Lee Jackson and various others. No classics or CW...but just about everything else.

Sorry for the ramble. As I mentioned, any information and experiences is greatly appreciated. Thanks......Mark
Wow, you've got some classic speakers with the 802 S3! To me, that conveys someone with the taste and appreciation for the subtleties of the finer things in life, much more than some car-painted speaker. I own B&Ws, but still I like Wilsons a lot, sound-wise. You can't go wrong with the WATT Puppys. You should do an audition first and come back here and let us know what you think. Ideally, with this level of equipment, you should hear them in your own home and electronics or else you might be in for a nasty surprise! When you get to this level, it's all about personal taste. Just curious, are you finding deficiencies in your 802 S3s or perhaps you are bored with them? Unless you've heard the WPs before and love them, you really shouldn't limit yourself, especially with that kind of budget. Listen to everything within your budget that you can. To me, that's one of the best things about speakers, shopping for them! Actually having a good excuse/reason to listen to as many amazing speakers as you can, hearing the differences, learning, enjoying. What anyone has to say about their "personal" experience with anything means squat. You are listening to "your" ears and not theirs. Plus, you'll find a lot of posters just trying to justify their own purchase by trying to convince you what you will "hear" and "experience". All that's a bunch of baloney, it's all up to you to find out what you like. Good luck and have fun on your "quest"!
I upgraded from a pair of B&W N803 to Wilson Audio CUB2 a couple of years ago, and there was no comparison, no need to A/B, the Wilsons sounded real and the B&W sounded like stereo speakers - I later had a chance to compare them to the B&W 803D and results were the same - the B&Ws sounded closed-in compared to the wide-open sounding Wilsons - I have since moved up the Wilson line with PASS Amplifiers, which has been a match made in heaven - go for the W/Ps - it's a purchase that you won't regret, with many happy listening years ahead-
I like those rock artists as well. I believe you'll enjoy your music much more through the Wilson's. But you've still got a great system now. Happy listening.
I never liked WATT/Puppys until the 7's came out. When Wilson came out with the Sophias and then the WATT/Puppys, then things started sounding great. The earlier Wilsons made my ears bleed.. they were usually connected to Krells.
I think the WATT/Puppys would be a great upgrade to your B&W's.