Watt/Puppy owners...help busted binding post...

I have Wilson Watt/Puppy 6.0's. This is the 2nd time I have twisted off a speaker cable binding post. Both times on the bass cabinet 1st the right now left. I've changed cables on speakers for years and years and never had this happen.

My dealer should take care of me (umm again). But I'll be with out them for a few weeks as they are shipped to Utah from Texas.

Anyone ever have this happen to them? Anyone ever try and replace it yourself? I can solder and I think I'm fairly mechanically inclined...but Wilson says it's a complicated procedure.

I'll gladly take some advice and comments here.

BTW, I am not buying different speaker...unless it's a MAXX 2. I love my Wilsons.

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how did this happen? are you one of the competitors for "worlds strongest man"? WPs are built quite well, i've diffficulty thinking anyone could pull the posts apart.

IMO, while apart, i'd simply solder in something better...use some wonder solder (brand name) and some good binding posts, and tell the factory no thanks.

I broke a binding post on a Sophia (due to shipping). The dealer ordered a new one from Wilson and installed it in my listening room.

Are you sure the dealer can't do this install? I know how much trouble it is shipping them back to Utah.

Just twisted it off with one of those audioquest binding post wrenches. The bolt portion broke off right where the banana drilled hole stopped. I think when someone drilled out the post for the banana, that the drill press was mis aligned causing weak spot. Not Wilson's fault, I'm sure they bought this part from somewhere.

When I called Wilson, they said it was complicated...I have a email into them asking for instructions, I think I'll try it. I won't go so far as to screw anthing up. I'd ship it back before that.

Thanks for the comments. Maybe someone around here has tried it and it's not that big of deal...
This is the 2nd one you broke. Why do you insist on using a binding post wrench? Might be too much of a good thing in your hands.
I have the Sophias. The binding posts are very close to each other and the only way to attach speaker spade is to use the wrench. I have not twisted one off but worry that one day it will happen. I am very carefully every time I have to connect.
Got Sophia's and strong fingers---as in---been there,done that.(just not in a while)
George, I don't care how strong your fingers are, if you can do damage with fingers alone, then I think Wilson should consider using something better. I hear the new Eichmann's are excellent, and of course there's always the Cardas.
The deal is the wilson posts are a 1/4' post drilled out for banana's. Add their over sized nut and you can easily over torque the bolt trying to a firm grip on the cable. I think they either drill the banana to deep or need to go to a 5/16 bolt size. Like Cardas and some others...

Seems like this is more than just me being careless...Thanks for the feedback!
Jfrech, I think this is an ongoing problem w/ the Wilsons.
I almost had the same problem w/ my Puppies and I've read at least one other post here on AgoN from someone else who did it twice!

Short of installing better binding posts, I think a perfectly acceptable alternative would be to attach a pair of WBT locking banana plugs to the spade connectors of your spkr cables and then lock the bananas into the binding posts.

The connection is just as good that way (maybe better since the bananas have more contact area) and you can tighten the spades onto the bananas with as much force as necessary.

Just a thought.