Watt Puppy 7s without Diffraction Foam and Grills

Wondering if any of the Watt/Puppy users here have experimented using them without grills, and diffraction foam stripped.  They look a lot nicer/cleaner without the foam.  Wilson sells speaker covers and was thinking of using those to protect the speakers when not in use.

Appreciate your thoughts.
You don't like them with the grills on, is it the sound or looks ? Are the velcro grill mounting strips driving you crazy?  
Removed the rotten foam from my Wilson w2/p3 system. I loved the look. Then I listened. It was so bright and irritating I ordered new pads and grilles the very next week. Get a big bottle of goo-gone and take your time. Do not use anything that will scratch the undersurface paint, let the solvent do the job. Take your time. Enjoy....

I did give them a try without the diffraction pads and although they appeared to image better, they were indeed very bright.  Lowering the vertical trajectory of the Watts helped some but not enough.  

I've re-installed a fresh set of diffraction blankets.

Thanks for the feedback.