Watt Puppy 7s/Maxx 2s

Looking to upgrade from my Amatis to Wilsons & will probably go to Maxx 2s. I'm seriously thinking about Lamm hybrids but really like otls. Has anyone heard a good combination? Joule-Electras? VTLs?

Last year I heard the 7.1s with Lamm and an Accuphase SACD player. It was a very exciting sound!
Watt Puppy has become wildly overpriced. Also annoying is their re-negging on their forward compatability promise. Beware!
Depending upon your room and taste, you might also consider JM Lab or Rockport. I'm not sure about compatibility of the other tube amps you mentioned with the Wilsons, but Atma-Spheres have been used very successfully with them, as have Lamm. I agree with Aceto's comment about Watt Puppy forward compatibility, as 5.1 -> 6 -> 7 has required a new purchase each time instead of being able to retrofit.

I use the Atmasphere MA2 mk2.3's with the MAXX2's and can attest that the combination is everything that I had been hoping for in 2-channel music reproduction.

I have friends that own the MAXX2's and use them with either the Lamm ML2's (18w) or the new Audio Research 610T's. There are likely a number of different amps that will match well with the MAXX2's, however, the best bet would obviously be to try several before deciding what works best for you.
aceto, overpriced indeed.
Definitely overpriced, unless you just like to look at your speakers.

The Maxx2s, though well review able to produce beautiful music, are unfortunately blown out of the water by VMPS RMx at about $12K a pair. But Wilson wins the visual honors in that pairing.
Take a look at Cytocycle's system, he can help you with the
Watt Puppy 7s amp question.

The Maxx ll is an absolutely superb speaker which has much of the X-2 technology at 1/3 the price. They are rated at 92 Db and if you can go for the gusto I would strongly encourage you to consider the Lamm Ml 2.1 which at 18 wpc drive these speakers with ease. John Giolas, the west coast mgr for Wilson Audio has Maxx ll's and recently ( I am told )put these into his system. Marc Mickelson the editor of http://www.soundstage.com has Maxx ll's which he runs with Lamm Ml 2.1

I have Wilson X-2's which I run with Lamm Ml 2.1 and they drive these big speakers with ease. Previously I was using ARC Ref 600 Mk lll which was also great but not in the league of the Lamm

here is my system