Watt Puppy 7 needs new or used Amp and Pre-amp

I'm building my system on a pair of Watt Puppy 7 speakers. Currently I have my vintage Marantz 250 amp with an SAE Mark 1B Pre-amp/equalizer.
I think the preamp needs to be replaced first. I need some advice on putting together a system on a tight budget. Thanks for helpful advice!
I use WP7's and have both ss and tube amps. I used to sell audio and know some people at Wilson so my "opinion" is more informed than most. Feel free to call me at 989-673-8493 since it is easier to talk than type. Denny
What kind of budget do you have?
Used Musical Fidelity integrated amps would have plenty of power and sound very good. The NuVista M3 , which I use, or the later similar models are excellent amps and are very reasonably priced for their performance. I am an audio dealer but I don't sell Musical Fidelity.
I think they would sound nice with an all tube system.

How much do you want to spend?
You can do a vintage Luxman system for $ 3,000.00 range or
audio research or Conrad Johnson from about $ 5,000.00 and up
Do you have a large room?
Do you listen to Led Zepplin really loud?
FWIW, the Watt/Puppy system is designed for tubes. They are easy to drive- our local dealer demoed them with our 60 watt for years. Wilson's national sales manager has used tubes for at least the last ten years...
Tube pre - ARC LS5 MK II or III or LS26 - Amp - NuForce 9SE V2 or Classe CA-2100
Mcintosh pre amps, arround 3000 (C46 or C2200) are also good choices to W/p 7. I run my w/p 7 frist from MA2275, then bought a C200/MC 501 combination. The combintion is just great!!

You are a manufacture arn't you??
Seriously? so- why do you ask?
I second the notion of tubes for the WP7. I auditioned the full line of Wilson speakers extensively before I ultimately bought Maxx 2's. The WP7 was very detailed, but definitely bright in comparison to the current Sofia and Maxx 2.
Yea, why did you ask (Atmashere). Anyone who has read much in this forum knows that he is a manufacture, and unless asked a direct question about the Atmasphere product, I have never read one response to a question regarding tube amplification that he or any of his associates has suggested that the questionnaire use/try/audition Atmasphere product. They have always tried to educate not sell. I guess I should have prefaced my statement fist by saying my system is an all SET based system, (no Atmasphere pieces in the mix) because I might be questioned of my intent. And if that was not the intent of your question than I apologize. We need first hand education at times, not just opinions that as we all know we all have like we all have _____ .........Bob
I have had WP7s in my system for several years and have auditioned them with many different pieces of electronics, both tubed and solid state. I, too have found that tubes are a better match with the WP7s than solid state. I have used a Wright Sound Company WPL20 full-function preamp and a Music Reference RM200 amplifier very satisfactorily. Both were reasonably priced.