Watt Puppy 6 with tube amp.

Can anyone give some first hand advice or insight regarding the use of tube amp with wilson speakers. I have a audio research pre and bryston 7 amps, I am hearing quite a bit regarding a tube amp, I listen mostly to classic rock some jazz. The local audio store carries audio research. Is there problems today with bass control with newer amps, and is there alot of maintance on them, is a 200 watt amp enough to get the speakers really moving for a large 18 X 30 room.
I have w/p 6's in a room that's 18x21. I'm running a single BAT vk60. 60w/ ch. Works pretty darn good. Never runs out of gas on music. Once, during the movie U-571, when some depth charges were going off, I noticed it whimped out. I mostly listen to rock, jazz, acoustically, some classical. No large orchestral stuff.

I'm sure dual VK60's or a vk75se will be better, but bettering the front end seems to make more of a difference.

Send me a email if you want some more details...
IMHO, tube amps are the way to go. I don't own a pair, but have listened to them several times at a local dealer while audioning cartridges. The solid state amps(no names, not the point) that I heard with them sounded cold and very hifi. FWIW, the national sales manager for Wilson uses Atmasphere but any high quality tube amp would work well(I heard Audio Research).
I've been running W/P 6's w/ ARC VTM-200 monoblocks for a couple of years w/ great results. They have more than enough power to drive the 6's to very high spl's. I listen to alot of jazz, as well as classic rock. When I want to crank the rock- and I DO CRANK IT- I still have plenty of headroom, no compression of dynamics. Wilson uses ARC amps at the factory (I believe they have VTM-200's, actually) and ARC and Wilson are considered a synergistic combination by many.
I'm running a pair of W/P 6 with Atma-Sphere MA1 MKII.2 and they are simply amazing. My room is 16 x 19 and I listen mostly to Jazz and R&B. Never had any problems cranking it up. I went through Pass, Kora, VTL, and a few others before I decided to go with the Atma-Sphere. I don't regret it one bit. If you want more detail drop me an Email. To me the Atma-Sphere fit my taste. As for maintance mine are trouble free. I biased them about a month ago and that is about it.
I'm running Jadis JA-100s on my 6s with much enjoyment. I certainly agree with the ARC and Atma-Sphere recommendations as well. Don't know the BAT. However, I have just heard the Halcro Dm58 ss monoblocs and think I'm going to make the jump from tubes to ss after 25 years (yikes!). Pray for me.
While I'm not sure I believe the 6's and 7's are an easier load than the 5.1's. The 5.1's have a nasty impedence curve that require some serious muscle. Don't use a 100 watt tube amp with the 5.1's. Why not simply arrange a home demo with your ARC dealer and determine how much tube power you'll need?