Watt/Puppy 6.0 vs Amati Homage vs Andra

I am looking to know the differences I can expect to hear between these speakers. I do not have the luxury of having a local dealer for 2 of these products. Only those who have heard at least 2 of these speakers need post. Please do not post other opinions that you have read somewhere. I am really looking for information from those of you who have carefully listened to these speakers. Sorry to be so harsh in my request, I just see where a lot of these threads go. :) Thanks!

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dear mikelavigne,
wilson with 33 or 33h never gives you best performence.i had a chance to compare them white goldmund 29.4,arc ref 600,krell 600,ml 33 (also another friend has 33h+watt puppy6 with mit shotgun evo).best sound was goldmund and arc 600 than krell.for my taste even new generation m.levinson amps are better than 33 and 33h.did you ever see any reviewer or very experienced audiophile using 33 or 33h? (but ml amps has a wonderfull match with revel speakers)
how is siltech g5?
goldmund will make new 29.4 and 22 with millenium technologie job3.Not just goldmund ,they are too many company who never listen their products(like dunlavy).
they listen or not.but when you listen if you like it,its important.
i looked at the guy with 2 millenium i would love to listen all his system.
mike,i know just one shop where you can listen all kind goldmund,its in paris.i can give you there phone if you wish
to wslam;did you ever listened your amatis with some powerfull triode amps?try siltech g5 cables or valhalla
back to question.
1-andra needs too much power tube amps
2-wilson doesnt need too much watts as andra but if you want to hear what wilson can do you need fast and powerfull amps and very good match with mit cable
3-amati for me its the most difficult one but its the best one.and i m using this one.
whats your amps?
if you have achance to try ,think also about goldmunds new big amps with preamps.(burn-in time is very long)
i m talking about 29.4+22 combination.i listened watt puppy6 with these ones(but they will be upgrade to 29.4M AND 22M , M. means millenium).millenium amps are soo expensive.hi-fi station 2001 (biggest dealer of goldmund) in paris told me that specially the mid range of new millenium amps are much better than the old serie.but goldmund amps are best when they are with goldmud pre-amps. again for my taste with watt puppy best amps was goldmund also people saying very good match for spectral+watt puppy+mit combination.