Watkins Stereo Generation FOUR Loudspeakers Compelling BARGAIN!!

Let me say that I respect ieales221's history and experience in the recording industry, a field that he must know very well.
However, his posts ARE incorrect in many ways. First, his links are to a cheap Peerless woofer that does have a horrific high frequency roll off, IT IS NOT THE ONE THAT WE USE. Second, his definition of woofer resonance is misleading. All drivers have a mechanical resonance in their LOWER range and the drivers can be modified by varying mass, compliance, enclosure type /volume, and by adding shorting rings etc. to change the frequency and amplitude of this resonance. The "ragged above resonance" term ieales221 used was describing high frequency roll off. Its frequency is influenced by inherent inductance, mass, etc., and its "smoothness" by the cones material, shape, surround, dust cap, and break-up. Break-up being when the cone flexes and no longer works as a true piston causing harmonics due to the physical reflections from the cones outer edge and surround. Our woofers are modified to have a very smooth and linear roll off, and to work with our dual tuned enclosure for an extended and controlled bottom end. And third, our Gen4s are time aligned. The front slope is 5.5 degrees, being 14" tall with the top tilted rearward 1.375" (35mm) from vertical. Determined by pulse response and listening evaluation with the speaker placed on a stand with it's center close to ear height.
This is my last post concerning this as I do not enjoy refuting misinformation that casts a negative image on our product or other people. It is my attempt to clarify and correct not cause contention.

Again respectfully, Bill Watkins.
Thank you, Bill, for your post.  I hope to hear your speakers one day!
For my money, the Falcon LS3/5a BBC speakers are the best value bookshelf speakers at that price point. Though YMMV.