Waterlogged Thiel CS-3.6

I have been the unfortunate victim of flooding and one of my Thiel CS-3.6 cabinets has been completely destroyed. It has sucked water and swelled destroying the veneer, MDF and all the joints in the speaker. The crossovers are undamaged. I have contacted Thiel, sent pictures and they basically indicated that I would need a new cabinet, this one was not salvageable. Dawn did some looking for me and the have a pair of near mint cabinets in cherry and would charge me $2000 for a full swap of the crossovers, drivers etc.

I cannot decide whether to part out the tweeters, drivers, grills (like new) and the crossovers? They are excellent speakers, but don't know if it’s worth it for 18 year old speakers. Dawn explained they do not produce any of the drivers offered for the 3.6, so they are rather expensive to come by, especially the tweeters.

Recommendations or comments? Or would anyone be interested in the parts? I really don’t know what to do.

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Sorry to hear about your damage! I used 3.6 for a long time - great speakers - I would ask myself is it time to upgrade or go in a different direction or am I even interested in that? If so, how much am I willing to invest, it will most likely be way more that 2K.

If you are happy with the Thiels and it sounds like you are then I would repair them - they are old but age defying IMO. Good luck!
No way you could get a used pair around 1000 I've seen them lots of times or upgrade. 2000 just for cabinets is not money well spent.
Thanks Pops,

I am currently running Thiel CS 1.6s since I have moved into a new home (with my girlfriend) where my listening room has unfortunately decreased in size, but on the flip side of that, the room is much better, characteristically I have blown away my last room with smaller gear & less watts. All that said, I am extremely happy with the current setup and cannot decide what to do with my 3.6s. Sell them as-is or part them is my biggest hold up because I know I will never justify $2K with used guts when I can just as well buy an excellent used pair for $1200.

I am about to hook my VTL 225 Delux monos up to the CS 1.6s, which I ran on the 3.6s. I am sure they will not disappoint, as they made a truly incredible soundstage for old CS 3.6s. Thanks
I would put the drivers, crossovers, etc. up for sale on E-Bay. They would reach a worldwide audience, and you should be able to find a buyer who is in need of them (maybe a cabinet maker?) Take the money you get from the parts and put it towards another used pair if you really liked them.
Did you have flood insurance? Sorry to hear about your loss!
Why don't you just file a claim with the insurance company. You can probably get replacement value for the speakers or they may opt to but you a new cabinet.
One CS 3.6 was the only casualty of water in my basement; they were sitting in the corner. The other speaker didn’t even get damp; I wasn’t going to blow the deductible for one speaker. I am really grateful I didn’t lose any of the tube gear, sitting right next to it! I have 3 pairs of Thiels, so it is not the end of the world. I am most likely going to part them out and save up for the new CS-2.7. It looks incredible.
Hi Boonetrc sounds like we share the 3 pair of Thiel speakers syndrome. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss, That actually sounds reasonaable to get them redone in my opinion. Then of course if you have always wanted the CS2.4 model then I'd schedule a demo as they are a truly remarkable speaker with a good beast of an amp.

Keep your eye open for sales, I found a new pair of MCS1's 1/2 off a few months ago : )
Thanks Velocityofhue, still not sure what I'm going to do with them.

I have also seen several MCS1s for cheap. I have not listened to that speaker, since I have only a 2 channel system, but there are some deals them. I really want a pair of PCSs. If you find any let me know. Travis.
Have you considered buying a pair of used 3.6's for less than $2K, keeping the one good one you still have, and putting together a rather nice surround sound system down the road? The damaged one you have, could be used for back up parts.
Unsound, if I only had the room! It would cool to set an all Thiel 5.1! I am going to list them as-is on here and eBay, 2 tweeters for the CS7 just sold on eBay for good money, since none of the drivers are available through Thiel any longer, there may be some interest from someone on purchasing them for parts.
UPDATE: Sold all the drivers and crossovers to a nice fellow, have one good cabinet and two grills in perfect condition if anyone is looking for something send me a message and I will be happy to help you out.
You didn't, by chance, have a pair of Sound Anchors stands for those 3.6s did you? Thanks.


I did not, wish I would have, then I wouldn't have had flood damage. I priced some from Sound Anchor for my CS3s, they were not too expensive from what I remember. Enjoy your Thiels!

how much for just one of those grills?

$150 for the pair, I wouldn’t let just one go. Where are you located? Shipping wouldn't be out of the question, but these grills are constructed with an MDF frame, that is glued together, which makes me nervous shipping.