watchout for another Dali MS5 scam

This to warn all members about a possible scam on Dali speakers. It was advertised on Ebay under 2 different sellers. It offered a buy it now price of $1000.00 dollars. The first ad I replied claimed items were in Flushing meadows , NY. The seller accepted my offer but only wants MONEYGRAM payment sent to UK. That is where the suspicion arose. You see I got scammed on a similar Dali MS 5 last year on which I reported my experience to audiogon members. This maybe the same guy. Off course  fool me once shame on you.  This time not a 2nd time fool

Now the item is now listed under a different seller all in the same day after I made my offer.

I have reported this to Ebay.
As an audiogon member I just to give you all a heads up on this scam
the price should make the scam obvious
Send him a money gram reffrence number and say you sent the payment. Before you do this obviously it would be good to find out his Money Gram Name to send too.

Money Gram requires the receivers Full Name, Address and telephone number. This is checked against a Passport or Driving license in the UK.

Once you have his details plaster it over the net :-) Im sure he will go into hiding.
I think this is the same guy who listed Vandersteen Quatro's for $1k. The listing was removed after I sent an inquiry.
Ebay sells crap from a bunch of jokers.
eBay is a very good place to unload all your junk,But never buy anything from there.
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I've bought lots of great stuff there.  these same scams run on Audiogon too. Anytime you see a $16,000 speaker for $1000 !!!
Did the police have any sucess with your loss on the 1st dali scam Taiye?
Hi Derrick:
Nice to hear from you. No I have not been contacted. I guess their resources are for large scale scam but I am happy that we, both, notified them.