Watching Classical/Opera DVD's

I am seeing more and more Classical and Opera DVD's offered. There are 1722 listed at ArkivMusic.

The new 2005 Penquin Guide features many DVD's and is quite enthusiastic.

What do you think? How is the sound quality on these things? What's your equipment?
I have several operas on LaserDisk that I love.
I have not gotten around to seriously searching for more on DVD as of yet (but I will)
The positive things about DVD is you can have subtittles or not (on laserdisk they are there, period)
And DVD has various sound options. (LD has stereo analog or digital only)
I really love to watch an opera as I listen to it.
I do run the sound into my stereo.
The subtitles are essential to understand the opera at first, but once you 'know' the opera, they are no longer needed.
The sound quality is as good as CD, depending on your stuff to decode them.
Watching an orchestra play a symphony or any large scale classical work is rather boring though, IMO. Though a quartet can be exciting to watch (depending on the members of the group)
So good luck!
I've not been very impressed with the sound quality of opera DVDs compared with CD/SACD. Most are poorly miked and balanced but they seem to be getting better lately.

I must admit, however, that I prefer to listen to opera and, as another has said about subtitles, I ignore the video after the first or second playing anyway.