Watch TV by pass preamp/processor

Iam hooking up a home theater with separates and will have all source components hooked up to the preamp/processor and out to the TV.

I would like o be able to watch TV/tivo the "old fashoined" way at times. Does the preamp act as a bypass if not turned on? or
Can I create another path by using component out from the TIVO(HDMI to preamp) and select that input for"normal" viewing?
the preamp will only act as a bypass if the preamp offers that option. Some more contemporary preamps offer the option of a home theater passthrough. In those cases, the preamp provides no gain to the input and passes the output directly to the amplifier.

However... I'm not really sure that is what you are asking for... You'll need to better describe what you mean by "I would like o be able to watch TV/tivo the "old fashoined" "

remember that your tv and Tivo are inputs to the preamp, and that your preamp outputs are to an amplifier. So if you are expecting the tv inputs to somehow make it back to your tv's amplifier... well you'd need to talk to my father in law for that one.. He's ofter confused like that. :-)

Ah just realized that you might be able to use a tape monitor to have the TV see the input currently selected on the pre amp. You'd need to connect the tape monitor output on the preamp to the TV's audio input.

But for all of that the preamp needs to be turned on with the appropriate sources selected.

For most TV's you can just turn back on the option to keep the audio signal local. If you want to watch (and listen to) your TIVO through your TV, you'll need an extra output from your tivo to your tv also.
Sure you can. Just run the analog outputs from the Tivo to the TV. Keep the volume control on your TV set to zero or mute when you are using the HT system. When not using the HT system, control the TV volume using the TV's remote or the TV volume buttons on the processor's remote.

i agree with what has been recommendation:

run your HDMI from Tivo to your TV (best picture quality assuming your TV is good quality). Then run an optical or coaxial to your preamp/processor for sound only. An HDMI cable today is no better at sound than an optical or coaxial...only better for picture. If you run your HDMI to your preamp/processor you will have to run it to watch TV (not pass through on video).

I do essentially what Chadlesko recommends, but I use an HDMI switcher to choose a video source between my HD-DVR and PS3. You might do the same if you choose to include a DVD/BD player among your sources.

By old fashioned I meant to watch TV/TIVO without turning on the pre/amp HT system which I htink all addressed

Just to clarify I was thinking along the lines of Chadlesko with a folllowup. I get leaving my HDMI from Tivo to tv to watch without turning on the amp with the tv set on the corresponding input for the HDMI-Lets call that input 7.

Now to watch TV in a HT atmosphere for TIVO/cable don't I need to run audio and video from TIVO to preamp and then back out to the TV at let's the input 6.

So when I watch regular tv input set to 7 and with pream/amp input 6
Will that work?
The video doesn't change whether the pre/pro is on or off, if you take the video directly to the TV. Just the audio does. I zero the audio on the TV, turn on the pre/pro, and select the HD/DVR input. In my case, I do need to switch video if I go from HD/DVR to PS-3, and, as I previously mentioned, that's done with an HDMI switcher.