Watch out boys,there's a new game in town!

Very cool. Thanks for the link!
Wow cool indeed! Not sure I would put one of my records on that thing but its very innovative!
That's really cool....

Thanks for posting.

Clean and classy. I don't think it would perform as well as I would like but it looks great and one of the best looking life style products I've seen.
Absolutely awesome design and can't think of anything in the world of turntables that comes close in terms of real innovation for the price recently.

Unfortunately, I don't think I would be happy knowing that you're always going to be stuck with the AT95 cart - that, to me, would be the deal breaker for my main TT but in a second or third system, perhaps.

Thanks for sharing the link Yogiboy

That definitely looks amazing

I can think of a few engineering bugs built into that but that does not change it being kinda cool.

One bug is no platter pad so no vinyl resonance control as the needle tracks the grooves. Another is the short arm length which is problematic for proper bass impact and negotiating warp without speed variation...
Cool for sure, and if it brings more people "back" to vinyl, then it's a very good thing.  Thanks, yogiboy!
Thanks for sharing this.  It is fascinating!  Analogue is clearly making a come back and good for the listeners.   I happen to think that a $500 Oppo CD player makes me very happy and my vacuum SOTA TT gets little play any more.   Cheers. 

Well, it's a tangential tracker so it's certainly better than some 'lifestyle' offerings currently hitting the market.  I'll agree with Greg that not being able to swap carts out is a drawback, given that we all have our faves 'n preferences.  It's certainly an attractive product, given that it can be placed vertically.  In a smaller residence, space for the typical TT might be an issue for some, given the moves in the market towards 'downsized' homes.  I admire the engineering of it, and the simplicity it exhibits in the video of making it function.  The only improvement there would be 'thought control' which is a decade or so away (you heard it here first...*L*).  I suspect we'd all have issues getting used to putting the 'play' side Down for awhile.  But given how CD's are handled it's not a big leap there...
All in all, pretty nifty, guys.  Wish the bloke well and the best of luck.   As a 'daily driver' (to borrow the automotive phrase) one could do worse.  If it takes off, we can lobby him for the 'audiophile version'. ;)