Washington DC

I'd love to get together with those of you who live in the Washington Metro area. I'm in Bethesda, MD, myself, and I could take the Metro to hang out with all of you because I sold my car to afford more audio gear. Hope to hear from anyone in my neck of the woods.

I live in Vienna Va. area and met a guy last night in Fairfax who has the Sound Labs U-1. I was there for 2.5 hours and it was incredible.
i am in balto and would love to hear from any one in area

now have kharma grand ceramiques and can compare notes

trials and tribulations 800-900-2057 ted
Good idea. I'm in Potomac. Think you'd enjoy hearing my Gallo Ultimates in a tube-based system wired with Omega Mikro and Mapleshade. Cheers, Dave
I'm definitely interested in hearing other systems. Maybe even have a mini equipment shootout (cd players, dacs, cables, power conditioners, etc).

Here is my system:
--Logan Aerius i hybrid electrostats
--VTL IT 85 integrated tube amp (80wpc)
--BAT VK D5SE tubed CD player
--BearLabs silver thunder and lightning ICs and speaker cables (on their way... as soon as I get them, i'll be ready for a visit i think!)

I live just off dupont circle, at 17th and mass.
I'm in Rockville, and would be interested in getting together with any number of audio nuts.
I live in Alexandria, and know a number of other crazies in the area. This sounds like a fun endeavor.

My system, well most of it, is listed in my system profile.
I am in Herndon VA and have a couple friends into audio as well.


I'm in Fairfax, actually right near the line with Herndon. I'd like to meet some more crazies in the area. I'm a 45 year-old shrink. I'm also blind, but my ears seem to work ok. Let me know.

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I live in Suitland, MD. This is a good idea. I too use mapleshade mikro mega wires. ebony interconects and planar v speaker wires.

The next DC Audio Club meeting is now scheduled for Saturday November 17th at 4 pm at Command Performance AV (7105 Marbury Court in Falls Church, VA 22046, www.commandav.com). There are two topics for this meeting:

1) Tom Burton will be bringing over the new Blue Circle DAC. There has been a lot of buzz about this DAC, so this should be an interesting demonstration. Bring your favorite CDs.
2) Trip reports from RMAF. We welcome anyone who went to RMAF and wants to show photos and / or talk about what they liked / disliked at the show. We can display pictures on the plasma in the meeting room.
So did anyone go>? I had something come up and could not.


Dear DC Area Audiophiles,

I hope you all had a great holiday season. Sorry for the delay in setting up the next meeting. However, the wait will definitely be worthwhile.

I would like to schedule the next club meeting for February 23rd. Vinh Vu from Norvinz will be the presenter. Vin will be demonstrating products from Sanders Sound Systems, Merrill-Sciliia Research, and Ginkgo audio. The format of the meeting will be one hour demonstrating the Sanders amp and preamp and the exciting new Merrill-Sciliia Research’s MS2 turntable. If we can get enough attendees, Vihn will also bring down a working prototype of the Sanders new electrostatic hybrid speakers. This will be a new smaller version of the model shown at CES. Thus, I encourage all of you who can attend the meeting, to please do so. To get a headcount, please RSVP to me as soon as possible if you plan to attend. Please send me an email so that I can put you on the club list and send you any necessary updates.

After the Sanders demonstrations, there will be a break. Following the break, Vinh will perform a demonstration of the ginkgo audio vibration products. This should be very educational for anyone interested in isolating their gear.

If people want to bring snacks to share at the break, that would be great.

The time and date: 4 p.m. on the Feb. 23rd. Again, please RSVP as soon as you can so that we can convince Vinh to bring down the new speakers. Personally, I am dying to hear them.

-- Jeff
February Meeting will be at Command Performance AV:

Command Performance AV
7105 Marbury Court
Falls Church, VA 22046

(see above for details)
Due to a scheduling conflict, the DC audio club meeting has been rescheduled to February 16th from the 23rd. We apologize for this change. The meeting time on the 16th will be the same at 4 p.m. and the meeting still will be held at Command Performance AV at 7105 Marbury Court, Falls Church, VA 22046, 703-532-7239.

We would appreciate it if you could RSVP for this new date.

Again, we are sorry for having to reschedule.

Here is an update as to what Vinh Vu of Norvinz (http://www.norvinz.com/) will be bringing to the meeting:

1) Merrill-Scillia MS2 TT

2) Sanders ESL amp and line preamp, Sanders phono preamp

3) TBI new entry-level system

4) Innersound Isis with an active crossover/bass amp ( the old Isis was passive). As the new Sanders models 10a and 11a are still in production for second quarter release, he will not be able to bring either of those speakers. The 11a is based on Innersound Isis and according to Vinh, “You will get the essence of the sound but not quite the same speakers. There are two differences: the 11a will have a remote crossover amp with which you can adjust the mid range AND bass while the old Innersound does not have a remote and only has the bass control. The second difference is the looks, with the 11a having a modular construction with wood finish sides and laminated aluminum backs.” According to Vinh, “I think these are not major differences and if they like the Isis the 11a will only be better.”

5) Vibration demo w/ Gingko products. “The Gingko vibration demo will have 2 identical accelerometers mounted on the shelf and the platform to show the difference in vibration on and off the platform in real time.” If anyone has a VPI Scout or Scoutmaster and wants to bring it to the meeting, then Vinh will demonstrate the new Cloud Nine product. If you have a VPI and are willing to bring it, please email me at [email protected]

This should be a great meeting.

Reminder: Next DC Club meeting is Saturday February 16th at 4 pm.
If anyone who plans to attending the meeting and as a VPI Scout or Scoutmaster that he/she is willing to bring to the meeting, please let me know. Vihn Vu has a new vibration platform for those turntables and will bring it if there is a turntable available.

Also, someone asked if they could bring alcohol (wine) to share. The answer is yes (except for moonshine) because Command Performance will not be providing liquor. At this meeting, I would like to see if people are willing to pay some nominal initial dues to cover food and drinks for future meetings.

-- Jeff
Any reports? We couldn't make it. We are 100 miles away and had some things come up.

Dear DC Area Audiophiles,

We have scheduled the next DC Club meeting for May 31st at 4 pm at Command Performance AV. New members are welcome. It is been a while since the last meeting, but this meeting will be well worth the wait.

Chris Sommovigo from Signals SuperFi will be our presenter. Chris will be demonstrating some of Signal SuperFi’s top products. Chris will be showing:

• German Physiks PQS-202 Mk. II in all carbon
• Vitus SS-101 amplifier
• Vitus SCD-010 CD player
• Stereovox cabling.

If people want to bring snacks / drinks to share, that would be great.

The address and contact info for Command Performance AV is below:
7105 Marbury Court
Falls Church, VA 22046
[email protected]

-- Jeff
We have scheduled the next DC Audiophile Club meeting for October 25th at 2 pm at Command Performance AV in Falls Church, VA.

New members are always welcome.

This meeting will feature Oracle Audio (http://www.oracle-audio.com/). Rusty Taub from Audiotion (http://www.audiotion.com/) will be demonstrating the following Oracle products:
• The Delphi MK. V Turntable with SME arm and Thalia Cartridge
• SI 1000 Integrated Amplifier
• CD 1500 CD player

You are welcome to bring your favorite music.

If people want to bring snacks / drinks to share, that would be great.

The address and contact info for Command Performance AV is below:
7105 Marbury Court
Falls Church, VA 22046
[email protected]

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: [email protected]

-- Jeff
** Washington, D.C. Area Audiophile Club April Meeting Notice **

The next Metro-DC Audiophile Club meeting will be on Saturday, April 4th at 2 pm at Command Performance AV in Falls Church, VA.

New members are always welcome!

The topic of this meeting will be an amplifier shoot-out. The shootout will be three amplifiers in the $5,500-$6,500 price range. The lineup is as follows:
• Spectron Musician III Mk2 Class D amp
• Moscode 402Au tube hybrid amp
• TBD Tube Amp

If someone would like to volunteer to bring a solid state amp in that approximate price range for the meeting, please let us know.

You are welcome to bring your favorite CDs, snacks, and beverages.

The address and contact info for Command Performance AV is below:
7105 Marbury Court
Falls Church, VA 22046
[email protected]

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: [email protected]
Is this club still meeting?
There have been no meetings since the spring. The next meeting will be in either September or October.
After too long of a break, the next DC Audio Society meeting will be held on 10/17 at Command Performance AV in Falls Church, VA. The topic for the meeting will be DACs for PC audio. I will have additional details next week.

-- Jeff
Join us at the October meeting of the Metro DC Audiophile Society.

The next meeting is happening on Saturday, October 17, at 2 pm at Jeff Fox’s house in Falls Church, VA:
7105 Marbury Court
Falls Church, VA 22046
[email protected]

As always, these meetings are open to current members, new members, and anyone who is interested in listening to and learning about great audio equipment.

The topic for the meeting will be low-cost USB DACs. The following DACs will be demonstrated at the meeting:

HRT MusicStreamer+
DevilSound V2.1 (new cryo version)
Music Hall dac25.2

Feel free to bring a laptop if you want to hear some of your own tracks.

We anticipate this to be the first of a two-part set of meetings focusing on computer-based audio. The second meeting (date TBD) will look at higher-end offerings such as the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC.

Chips and water/soft drinks will be provided, but you are welcome to bring other snacks / drinks to share.

Be sure to visit our new website for updated information and directions: www.metrodcaudiosociety.blogspot.com.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]
I just found out that Paul Stubblebine from the Tape Project will be in the area and visiting United Home Audio this Saturday, Dec. 5th. I think he will be there around noon if anyone is interested.
December Meeting of the Metro DC Audio Society

The next Metro-DC Audio Society meeting will be on Saturday, January 30th in Falls Church, VA. The time is TBD at this point, so please check the Society’s Website (http://metrodcaudiosociety.blogspot.com/) for an update. The meeting will be at Jeff Fox’s house at 7105 Maybury Court, Falls Church, VA 22046.

For the January meeting, our host will be Zu Audio (www.zuaudio.com). This promises to be a fun day of music listening to the Essence loudspeaker. This speaker has received a lot of great press and should be interesting to listen to. Ron, from Zu, hopes to provide a sneak peak/listen to some other Zu goodies in the works. Who knows…this meeting may be a premiere from something new and exciting from the folks at Zu.

Zu’s preferred format is to have an extended “open house” on the 30th during which we will swap out solid state and tube gear to really get a feel for the Essence speakers. Also, there will also be a more “formal” regular club type meeting. Again, stayed tuned for an update on times.

Finally, we were thinking about catching a live show at a local club on the 29th or 30th if people are interested. Because the Zu “sound” is all about a live performance, this could be the ultimate A-B test. Again, stay-tuned.

Please contact either Jeff ([email protected]) or Ron ([email protected]) to reserve a space.
Last post should have said January Meeting, not December.
Update on Metro Washington DC Audio Society January 30th Meeting

Per the previous notice, Zu Audio will be the feature presenter on the January 30th meeting of the Metro Washington DC Audio Society at Jeff Fox’s house at 7105 Maybury Court, Falls Church, VA 22046. Ron, from Zu will be demonstrating Zu’s new Essence speaker, plus some other TBD goodies.

The formal meeting will take place at 3:00 pm. Also, at the start of the meeting, Gary Gill will give a short address on the upcoming local audio show called the Capital Audiofest (http://capitalaudiofest.com/).

In addition to the formal meeting, Ron will provide a more informal on-going demonstration of the Zu’s Essence speaker from 1 pm to 5 pm on the 20th. So if you cannot make it at 3 pm, come on by at another time. Ron, will be here early if you want to schedule a one-on-one session in the morning.

Also, there will be a BONUS event! Since Zu Audio’s approach to speaker design is to replicate the sound of a live event, we thought it would be fun to go to a local concert on the evening of January 29th. The concert is The Kennedy’s at Jammin Java in Vienna (http://jamminjava.com/home/events/the-kennedys-maura-kennedys-solo-cd-release). The concert is at 7 pm and advanced tickets can be purchased at the above website.

We want to expand the music loving community, so please bring a newbie if you can – significant other, son, daughter, nephew, or a neighbor.

Please note that we are asking anyone who wants to attend the Audio Society meeting to RSVP to [email protected]
To all of our Washington DC Audio Society members...

If you did not already know, the Capital Audiofest (http://www.capitalaudiofest.com/p1.html) is being held in Rockville, MD from 6/11 - 6/13. This is the first show in the DC area in a long time and it would be great to have this as an annual event. So if you can make it, please try to attend. This should be a fun event. Besides the product demonstrations, there will be live music and a swap meet.

If anyone wants to take picture and blog about this, we can post this to the club website (http://metrodcaudiosociety.blogspot.com/).

-- Jeff
I am currently in transition, (slowly) moving from Vienna Fairfax to "West By God Virginia". (It still hurts a bit to say it.) Actually, Shepherdstown is a cool little old town (with a small college - Shepherd University) on the Potomac river about 10-15 miles north of Harpers Ferry. I'd like to know if there is anyone interested up in that area - or more likely, in the Northern VA area. I'm curious as to what an audio club is all about.
I suppose the former audiophile groups in the DC area have died out.

I'm in Arlington now and would be interested if there is still something going on.
Same here! New to hi-fi for about the last year and would like to interact with others in the area. I'm on MD side but don't mind traveling.
Ditto the interest in some sort of DC metro group. Haven't made it to Capital Audiofest yet, but three years running suggests an audience to match.
I'm in Alexandria, VA, and would definitely be interested in joining a DC audio group.
I'm in NW DC and would definitely be interested in meeting other audiophiles
I don't know if there is any kind of active society in the area anymore. The closest thing is a bunch of guys who hang out at Deja Vu Audio in McLean Virginia on Saturdays.
Anything still going on. I live in the district and would be interested in any meetings.
Hey guys, I am a new DC area dealer (www.wellpleasedav.com) and have been asking the same questions for some time now with little results. I say we start our own group! If your down, just email me at ([email protected]) or reply to this post and I will send out an email to everybody to begin establishing some logistical guidelines as well as possible ideas/expectations for the group...sound good?
Hey folks : a few of us from the Mid Atlantic area have a "circle" on the audiophile and general interest forum Audiocircles to discuss and announce events relating to the mid-Atlantic members. We try to host audiophile meet ups hosted at each other's homes, mostly it seems in the summer to winter. Typically we'll have anywhere from a handful of people to about a dozen. Obviously the more of us who participate the more we can grow it and have more frequent meetings.

I'll be hosting one on November 15 at my place in Arlington Va. So go one over to Audiocircles.com and check it out.

I've seen from time to time member meet ups in our area on audio karma as well, I think.
Thought I'd pass this announcement along as something of interest to audiogon DC area members. I'll be there.

On Nov 8th from 11 am to 5 pm, Command Performance AV will be hosting an open house hosted by Constellation Audio. In addition to demonstrating their Performance line of electronics, this will be Constellation's first dealer showing of their Inspiration line electronics. To coincide with this event, Command Performance will be celebrating the official opening of their new brick and mortar store at 115 Park Avenue, Suite 2, Falls Church, VA 22046. Please come by and help us celebrate at our store!
Hi, I'm new to this forum--but not to the Hi-Fi world--and was wondering if there is any active Audiophile society in the DC area, I'm interested in knowing others on this path, and--if possible--hear others systems... I see the last post in this thread is from 2014. Thanks, R

This is a group on Facebook that might help you.

"DC Area Audiophiles & High End Home Theater Enthusiasts"

@tim and @lancelock , thanks much for the recommendations!

Let's be serious here. Someone came up with the idea of charging $80 to join this "audio society". What do you offer?!
For me $80 for a year membership is not unreasonable. The food and beer is always good. I do enjoy the industry people coming and showing the latest amp or speakers, etc. There are decent door prizes at the end of each meeting. Still it’s probably not for everyone.

If anyone is interested contact John Gatski at https://dchifi.group