Washington D.C.

My wife amd I are going to DC for Thanksgiving week. We will have some time to kill, are there any audio stores record/cd stores that are a must see?
if you're interested in used vinyl: Joe's Record Paradise
Record and Tape Exchange
9448 Main St Fairfax, VA 22031 - (703) 425-4256
Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm; Sun 11am-6pm


Lots of used vinyl and CD's too.
I second the idea of going to Joe's. You won't find much classical there, but tons of jazz and rock.
I just visited the area at the end of October and visited both stores mentioned. Sad to say, but the area is pathetic for vinyl shopping compared to some of other metropolitan areas that I've visited. Joe's is the biggest in the area, so I would go there first. But "Paradise"??? I live in SF Bay Area, and visit Denver and Seattle for work often. I would pick any store in these 3 metropolitan areas over Joe's any day. (My 5-year old only allowed me to browse through the jazz section before he decided that it was time to collect his bribe, ice cream.)

There's a thread posted within the last two weeks. Supposedly Joe's just received a big collection of Classicals. Darn! I just missed it by a week! From the posting, it looks like there were some really good stuff. But I am not sure what's left after the information was posted. Ha! Ha!

Thanks for your responses, i'll be checking Joe's and The Record and Tape exchange out during the week.
Deja Vu Audio in McClean, VA is a must-visit. Amazing equipment and not far from downtown. CommandAV is also good. Both have websites although neither website does full justice to what you will find.
The CD Depot in College Park recently has begun to carry used vinyl. They also carry new and used CD's. Fairly decent collection of all styles of music in CD form.