WASATCH ULTAMA For 4000 / Any Experience?


FYI....info: at www.wasatchcableworks.com

For $4000 I should be able to find out more about them...but I can't. This might be a little backwards, because I already own the cables, (it's a long story) but they are brand new and I haven't even plugged them in to my system yet. (wrong terminations)

Does anybody have experience with these ULTAMA cables? I know the matching interconnects are supposed to be very good. My current system is Audio research preamp-Mcintosh tube amp and Proac speakers. Currently I use Kimber 8TC DO these cables sound like a good match for my system? Basically...any knowledge or experience with these cables is appreciated.

The ULTAMA are not bad cables but I'm keeping my Purist Audio Design which I prefer hands down. By the way, Audio Research tube gear and ProAc speakers make for a great combination. However, Kimber 8TC has always sounded a little bright and thin to me.
I don't know if this helps, I do have the Ultama interconnects, and they are wonderful for the $$. As far as speaker cables go, I have not heard the ultama, but I have heard the 205 -- they were pretty nice... If anything they were a bit on the dark side of nuetral with Audio Research gear... Very nice cables for the $$
I have no experience with their speaker cables, but I am very pleased with the RCA-105 interconnect cables I own and would assume the performance of the speaker cables will follow suit. The 105's are very nice sounding for the money by my estimate. Detailed yet relaxed; a sound that should mate well with tube gear.
Well I figure for 4 grand I may as well try them out

heh. heh. heh.

...so I am going to send them to Wasatch to be properly terminated for my system. (Great Kudos for customer service. They were EXCELLENT when I called them.) I'll post a follow up in a bit after I've had a chance to break them in.

Actually...now that I think about it...I better find out what they recommend for that. ARRGGHH!