Warranty question

I am buying a 6 month old used amp unit from an authorized dealer. Warranty on a new product is usually two years. Normally, if buy used (from a consumer), with most companies the warranty becomes void. However, I am being told that since I am buying used directly from an authorized dealer and they are providing a sales slip, I will in fact have warranty on my product. How does this sound? Is it correct? Sound OK since I have sales slip? Just a local dealer work-around of big company rules? Thnx.
Hi MB,

It is always best to check with the manufacturer about their policies about warranty transferrability. Also, you should double-check with the manufacturer that the dealer in question is actually an authorized dealer. Many dealers sell merchandise of a certain brand, but are not oficial authorized dealers, and that can determine warranty status.

Some manufacturers warrant their product for a certain period of time to the original owner, but void any warranty for subsequent owners. Others may provide a different warranty term for subsequent owners. Many allow full transferrability of warranty to any subsequent owners.

One important note, however, is that MOST will only honor their warranty if the item was purchased from an authorized dealer in the first place. In your case, that may be the more important piece of information. If it is used now, and being resold through an authorized dealer, I don't know if this changes anything - that also sounds highly manufacturer-dependent.

I recently had the warranty-transferrability discussion with Adcom, whose stance was that their full warranty was transferrable to any party, as long as the unit was originally purchased from an authorized dealer and had a sales slip.

I'd call the manufacturer - always a good idea anyway, IMHO.
The safest bet is to ask the manufacturer of the product.
It depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers (Madrigal, and its subsidiaries, for example) extend the warranty regardless of who you acquired the equipment from.
Others (like Sonic Frontiers) require the purchase of used equipment to be from an authorized dealer to extend the warranty.
Others extend the warranty ONLY to the first purchaser of the equipment when it is purchased new and from an authorized dealer.
The ONLY way to know is to contact the manufacturer and ask.
It is Creek I am referring to.

When you say used, was it a trade in back to the dealer, or a dealer's demo unit? If it's a demo unit, these always come with a warranty since they are considered new as it has never been officially sold to a retail customer. As for a trade in, many people won't bother filling in the warranty card, so if the unit is relatively new and say, not a few years old, there should also be no problem with the warranty. Mwilson makes a valid point, that if the dealer selling it is not an authorized manufacturer's dealer you don't get a warranty. Also, there may be warranty service problems if you buy from an authorized dealer with a business location that is not in your own country (mail or internet order). Also, I was told that warranty cards don't actually have to be filled in and returned to the manufacturer. The U.C.C. and F.T.C. regulations provide for full warranty coverage with just a valid bill of sale that includes dealer name, date, and serial number. Does anyone else know if this is correct information about needing just a bill of sale to validate a warranty claim?