Warping lp question & advice needed

All of my personal vinyl is not warped - at all.
Virtually all of the used vinyl I have purchased since re-entering lp spinning is not warped. 1 or 2 lp's I have purchased over the last couple of years has a slight warp to them.

Fortunately the tonearm on my Denon DP-45F handles this beautifully.

Was at 1 of our local used record stores the other day and picked up a 1st. pressing (Canadian) of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. The owner new I had been looking for an early pressing UK version for awhile - they don't come around often at his store - but thought I might want to give this one a spin. He said it was a nice clean copy and that I could return it if there was anything I didn't like about it. The vinyl looked clean and NM with no scratches and the cover is also NM.

Got it home, gave it a cleaning and put it on the table. It's warped - not crazy but definitely noticeable. Tonearm handled it just fine....lp played perfectly quiet. Don't know how it sounds compared to other pressings because I haven't heard any others.

I am satisfied with the recording quality - BUT here is my main question. Does a record warp get worse with time? Since it is already warped a bit will or could it get worse?

If so, maybe this copy isn't worth hanging on to, even though I only paid $14.


On that same note, does anyone know the recording quality of EMI's 180 gr Dark Side of the Moon by James Guthrie. Would it be superior to this Canadian 1st pressing?

Or do I wait for that UK pressing?

Thanks for your help,

If it plays fine on your turntable you should probably keep it. The warp should not get any worse unless you leave the record laying about in a high-heat environment...